Re: a Stupid -silly question !!!
3 September 2008 à 13:39
Atlas, yes most likely the guy was deranged! i was also shocked. £300 is quite reasonable for what you got! yes please get me some contacts if you have some. I also would like to send some stuff ...Suite
Re: Happy Ramadan
3 September 2008 à 13:35
Hicham, 36 degress and you think it's not hot!!!! naaaaariii something must be wrong with your immune system!! 8o Nope,i haven't heard of salmia and 3atercha before! i don't think we smoke this ...Suite
Le celeri en arabe c'est "krafess". les nouilles euhhhh aucune idee franchement! tu es au Maroc? si oui, tu vas dans n'importe quel magasin ou supermarche et tu demandes la vermicelle chinoise, tout ...Suite
dakirAllah , merci enormement, c'est tres gentil de ta part :) mimid73420, je t'envoie un ...Suite
Y a t-il des gens de Kenitra ici?
4 December 2007 à 11:37
Bonjour, je cherche a retrouver une personne que j'ai perdu de vue il y a des annees. Elle habitait le Bd moulay Abdellaziz a Kenitra. Si quelqu'un connait bien cette region, merci de me contacter ...Suite
Re: a Stupid -silly question !!!
3 September 2008 à 11:42
No worries adds. £100 for all that, that's more that i could bargain for!! My aunt introduced me to a guy who does the same things using a van and he asked for £30/kg!!!! :C: i'd rather hire a ...Suite
Bonjour, Tout comme toi, mon mari et moi sommes tous les deux professionnels et n'avons donc pas le temps pendant la semaine pour faire la vraie cuisine Marocaine mais ce n'est pas pour autant que ...Suite
Re: a Stupid -silly question !!!
3 September 2008 à 09:53
Hi there! if you have asked me this question 3 years ago i would have said absolutely sofa! I do like sofas and i enjoy sitting and lying on mine. It's wide and comfy and i like sinking in it and ...Suite
Re: Happy Ramadan
2 September 2008 à 22:30
Hi every body, I hope you re doing well Ramadan mubarak karim All ;) especially my dear minnie :o Hi Islah! thank you dear for your wishes and Ramadan mubarak to you and ...Suite
Re: Happy Ramadan
2 September 2008 à 22:28
No problem brother, i thought i have skipped a message in the thread, anyway, the first days are hard..later on, we get used to fasting... Salam Hicham, so how was the ...Suite
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