Re: Happy Ramadan
1 September 2008 à 16:48
Hey adds! welcome back. Good for you the trip to Egypt. where have you been? hope your missus enjoyed herself and forgot your "betrayal" about going to Morocco and leaving her behind 8-) I was ...Suite
Re: Happy Ramadan
1 September 2008 à 15:16
Hicham, i wish you were right about you fasting more hours than us but it's not true... Fajr is at 4.10 and iftar at 7.50!! you are lucky because they changed the clock for you today. however ...Suite
Re: TIME is like a sword???
1 September 2008 à 13:42
lol, me too!! i used to know loads of these but the one that hung into memory was one invented by the pupils at the time. I remember arriving on the morning of the exams (4eme annee college) and ...Suite
Re: Happy Ramadan
1 September 2008 à 13:37
Hi Hicham and Atlasmagic. Well this forum is like a second family so i always come here straight to present my wishes after my family in Morocco :) I haven't realised before now that i am always the ...Suite
travelingteacher Welcome on the Forum & to our beloved Morocco you should be ok on your own even if you have a blond hair ! we had 7.5 million tourist last year ... You will be ...Suite
Hicham! i just had the most enormous laugh ever while reading your "recommendations" or shall i say "commandments" :D What on earth is Stonethrowingdo??? is this synonymous to throwing stones as ...Suite
Re: Agadir or Marrakech
18 August 2008 à 13:43
Thanks guys! you're both locals and seem to agree on Agadir as a best option for this time of the year! i will advise her then and give her the option. Atlas, she's flying from France but she ...Suite
Hi adds! you're right, i disappreared for a while but didn't forget about you guys or the forum. I just got busy with life at work and took some holidays and now i am back to a very hectic rythm and ...Suite
Hi there Sebou3 and welcome among us! thanks for your wishes, same to you :) Looks like many people are on holiday at this time so don't worry if you don't get many replies ...Suite
Hi adds, looks like you're becoming addicted to travelling to Morocco! you might have to go cold turkey for a while otherwise you'll end up strapped financially, espcially as your wife seems to be ...Suite
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