Hi everyone, hope you're all ok! Sorry to dwell on this subject again but i am so confused and disappointed with Attijari bank! basically after i opened my account in London, I was told the ...Suite
Re: sultan Moulay Youssef
23 July 2008 à 18:32
jai la foto du sultan Moulay Youssef a marseille pourquoi? est-ce si rare de trouver des photos de lui? je viens d'en trouver plein sur google ...Suite
Segolene royal...festival de rai, mais ou es le rapport? pourquoi lui fais-on l'honneur de la nommer presidente alors que cette musique ne fait partie ni de ses origines ni de sa culture! non mais ...Suite
Hi. Yes that is an old programme but very interesting! Atlas, i agree on Rageh Omar, he is one of the best journalists the BBC has ever produced! i love his documentaries, his analysis, he is such an ...Suite
Re: am desperate
2 July 2008 à 17:28
lol! you guys are sweet!! thank you :) and as adds said, we should plan a meeting this summer, either here or in Morocco! by the way, are you guys going home this summer? i am off next ...Suite
Re: am desperate
2 July 2008 à 14:47
Hi ladyamal! welcome to the forum. Congrats on your marriage to start with and hope you'll enjoy your new life in this wonderful country :) I know how it feels to come to a new country, settle in ...Suite
Re: Work in London
25 June 2008 à 09:34
Salam!:) How is it going? I hope you are doing ok... I've just been graduated and I am planning to work in London in the following weeks (well, I am still not quite too sure as ...Suite
Re: Moroccan day at work
25 June 2008 à 09:18
Perhaps Yabi team and memebers should organize a Moroccan day in London or Cambridge then we all have plates in our hands:chef::welcome::clap: Any thoughts ? That would be ...Suite
Re: Moroccan day at work
25 June 2008 à 09:16
I was waiting for my plate of coucous or even a cup of tea with "ka3b lagzal":) if it's any consolation, there wasn't "ka3b lagzal" amongst the other cakes :) but the ...Suite
Re: Moroccan day at work
20 June 2008 à 11:59
Hi Adds, yes i did see your post and loved the first song, Zahar is awesome!! I made a little compilation of moroccan tracks combining a bit of every style, fusion, guiwane, gnawa some rai etc ...Suite
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