Omar Bashir is fabulous, i discovered him few years ago and bought quite few of his stuff! Atlas, i'll be more than happy to pass on some music of his as i have loads on my pc. Let me know if you ...Suite
Re: Moroccan day at work
18 June 2008 à 12:40
Thanks both for your suggestions! Adds, where can i find this new gnawa/reggae style . Do you have any links please? i don't even need to download the music we could just go the website and listen ...Suite
Hi Khadija, ok i understand better. But are you sure you have to be "physically" in Morocco to apply for your card? can't you just give your agency in Morocco a call quoting your current bank account ...Suite
Hi Khadija, sorry to ask but why would you need a Moroccan card if you are in the UK? you wouldn't be able to use it anyway right? or am i missing ...Suite
Oooh sounds great!! can't say i'm a huge fan of nass alghiwane (not my generation) but i do like many of the songs and would have liked to see them on stage! Can't do this time unfortunately, ...Suite
Re: Friday fun
22 May 2008 à 13:07
Hello! Thanks Chelhman for the clips! the Hitler one is so funny! "I like it when bastards loosen up!" hahahaha I wanted to change the topic's title to something other than "friday fun" but ...Suite
Re: Wish me luck!!
9 May 2008 à 13:35
See, that would be the case in an ideal world...except that it's not (Go figure!). English do not need a visa to come to Morocco. nor do French, German, Spanish and pretty much all Europeans, ...Suite
2, 50 MDH for what?? sorry i'm confused! Did you say nice weather?? where about are you? it was sunny this morning but now it looks like it's going to pour down in a minute! bloody English ...Suite
Hi adds, what stamps do they charge you ...Suite
Hi Khadija, I personnally never heard of this association but the name sounds a bit...royal-ish. If it's to do with some governmental body then i don't wish to know anything about it, but if it's ...Suite
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