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i want to learn english??????????????
24 October 2007 21:57
je souhaite apprendre a parler coremment anglais , qui peux m'aideR???
i want to learn english, who can help me?
24 October 2007 22:08
hello ...

i would like to help u ....but ...what kind of help r u waiting for ...??: i can give u links of good sites where u can learn english ...u know know the rules ..and vocabulary...tenses..etc ...

Smiling Smiley
26 October 2007 22:34
in addition to the sites, try songs and movies
chatt can be of great aid tooWinking smiley
1 November 2007 22:12
i am in the same situation that Sourire. i want to learn english or to improve it.
i need commercial vocabulary and all about marketing caompagny ect..
2 November 2007 12:44
to learn english, I suggest you to get a valuable small book : " english practical grammar", it costs around 60 Dirhams. keeping up with english board like this one, read a lot and try to understand the ideas of the other before giving your own reply... that will help you improving your english inshaa Allah.
2 November 2007 14:38
what i want it's to speak english with an english people, i want to learn more vocabulary and to have o good accent
2 November 2007 15:51
And that come after gaining skills in grammar and conjugations, ...
If you want to have a good English then you have to follow the steps of learning a language.

have you studied English in high school ?
14 November 2007 12:03
i agree with utopia7,
fateyma if you can to speak well english, you have to get some vocabulary, buying an english dictionnary
do you know how make a sentence???
i guess that you have studied this language in high school,

i can help you for the trade language,
cuz i did international trade studies, so if you need to do a demand, or an offer, for a company,
contact me by PM, and i would be happy to give you my knowledge.

see you soon
15 November 2007 13:05
You should start with:

I would like instead of I want
20 November 2007 21:04

i live in Paris and need to improve my speaking in english for my job.
I am looking for somoene who live in UK or US to help me in english.We can exchange by mail, messenger or by phone
If you want i can give you lessons in french.

Thank you vey much in deed
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