Re: Love >>>>>>Money
25 décembre 2007 à 00:21 [Morocco # English board]
Come on guys, it's not the woman who was looking for the guy. he was desperately looking for a woman that would accept hime and he finally got one. as nas lwala said" kul zra3 tayjib lih ...Suite
well, sounds like u spend ur time dreaming and it's good. everything starts with a dream first then when it comes true we dream of other things and so on. okay, i dream to continue my higher ...Suite
in addition to the sites, try songs and movies chatt can be of great aid ...Suite
why don't start the thing? (tm) let us us know u and then things will be easier for others the floo is ...Suite
really? it depends on the district you are ...Suite
You also realise how Moroccsn you are: when you need to eat bread in each meal of the day. when Harrira must have a place in your ramadan ...Suite
Good One ===================> ...Suite
Hello Filalio, As i promised, i'm still ready to help. sorry for being late to answer ur question , but i was a bit busy lately. i'm from Morocco , but am in the us now for training.. now ...Suite
thnx for the clarification. ur right "quand on parle du loup" thank ...Suite
i don't get what u said ...Suite
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