if they count those who are willing to leave bled, the total of this diaspora can reach 30 millions ...Suite
Seemingly, a woman is happy when a man is fool ! lol There is not just one reason for woman's tears, women are more sensitive and affectionate than man so it's normal they shed tears more ...Suite
hey ladies, don't take any grudge against me, i am just a foolish man like all the other men.. hope one day, u will find what mkes a woman really ...Suite
Thanks, you gave me a smile while reading your post. I don't know how old are you, you seem younger and rebel and I've always preferred this kind of woman even if it's a risk to ...Suite
I share with you something : travelling inside Morocco to discover all the natural beauties, from the north to the southest point. But the most appealing dream I have right now is to find a good ...Suite
What a nice things to remind us about our dear mums ,wife (S optional) ! i do only see positive things here , with women like this we are better people ,i do not care why they cry ...Suite
Amen! but Dude, Lighten up! You "sound" angry Correcting Wardamaroc! Not the case, all in good spirit ;). wardamaroc30 was not sure about her deduction ! And yes ...Suite
just a little information: i dont see our politicians speaking in french only , in parliament they debate things in arabic , in the news of course if they speak to a journalist ...Suite
Re: Ibn Khaldun
3 novembre 2007 à 00:08 [Morocco # English board]
ok brother, who claimed that Ibn khaldun had elaborated on evolutionism ? that must be checked before taking it for sure ...Suite
As for the sources, do what I did, start by googling and go from there. So I was not mistaken when I doubt about the sources of such statements you gave, all what google ...Suite
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