i totaly agree that everyone is free to express himself using the language he wants french ,darija, tamazight , ..english doesn t realy matter the most important thing is to ...Suite
i have no idea how many americans know that but i guess not many do ...Suite
gosh ...sorry ... pff sometimes i act stupid :D well....i would like to study computer science ...probably finish my studies in a foreign country ... but i know i would get back here to morocco at ...Suite
assalamo alaykom everybody:) i m moroccan ....and i live in morocco..never left it before:D but i like speaking english ...and i would like to practice it so that s why i m here writing in ...Suite
come on no one want to answer ...:zzz u know just talk about any thing u want i mean answer any question of those i asked ...Suite
hello ... i would like to help u ....but ...what kind of help r u waiting for ...??: i can give u links of good sites where u can learn english ...u know know the rules ..and ...Suite
i m thinking to go there next year but u know ..still collection information, don t know for sure6:! ...but thanks a lot for ur help ...i realy apreciate that ....:) take care all(tm) and thanks ...Suite s so unbelievable how the events keep changing it s amazing ....:clap: i m so curious to know what would ...Suite
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