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the first nation in the world to
site4everything [ PM ]
26 October 2007 23:24
the first nation in the world to recognize the United States was Morocco in 1777. Ten years later, Morocco and USA approved a treaty of peace and friendship, which today remains the longest unbroken treaty of its kind in all history. I wonder how many americans know this fact?
kolchi_bekher [ PM ]
26 October 2007 23:30
i have no idea how many americans know that
but i guess not many do ....
wardamaroc30 [ PM ]
27 October 2007 14:04
i think it was the uk and not morocco????
because usa was ruled by the english empire for years and after they left they signed some sort of recognition!!!!Perplexe
utopia7 [ PM ]
2 November 2007 23:51
Morocco is the first country that had recognized the united states of america, not UK.
Yani [ PM ]
3 November 2007 02:09

Yes,Dear! It's a historical fact, but Dude, Lighten up! You "sound" angry Correcting Wardamaroc!
Morocco was the first, but are they the first getting aids from the US?
Why is it News?
Why should americans know that?
They Know that Moroccan cuisine is the Rage? A good thing, that is!
THey know Marrakech, and Warzazat or ,as they call it, Where is it At?

So what's the point?
And was it a Nation then? and is it a Nation now? Morocco that is?

Thank you!
utopia7 [ PM ]
3 November 2007 09:43
but Dude, Lighten up! You "sound" angry Correcting Wardamaroc!

Not the case, all in good spirit Winking smiley. wardamaroc30 was not sure about her deduction !

And yes to your questions, what Morocco has gained being this first ally of the US ?
But also it can explain that our diplomacy is not good enough or not good at all !!!
rosette1 [ PM ]
3 November 2007 14:38
does anybody has a tangible source to prove this information, ??? thxWinking smiley
wardamaroc30 [ PM ]
3 November 2007 15:53
thanks yani , spot on !!!u are a true gentilman
rosette very good question?Perplexe
l9bi7 [ PM ]
3 November 2007 16:13
Library of congress, if you are around DC. Ask the same question, you gonna be served !
"Hé ! bonjour, Monsieur du Corbeau. Que vous êtes joli ! que vous me semblez beau ! Sans mentir, si votre ramage Se rapporte à votre plumage, Vous êtes le Phénix des hôtes de ces bois."
site4everything [ PM ]
3 November 2007 20:25
Yani [ PM ]
4 November 2007 04:25
Yes, It's a historical fact..and there were many reasons for the recognition...
Britain and Spain did nothing those days to be thanked for, and later add the French....especially in the Southern it made sense that Morocco went against GeorgeIII...Note the Moorish were fierce pirates back then and the colonies supposedly were started with convists, just like Australia, and people of religion and unwanted empoverished factions of Britain mainly...

What's gained? I think more than we is reavealed publically...The MOroccan people are not gaining much, that's for sure...the reason being the government is not doingit's JOB, which is represent the people instead of their personal interest!

Wekepidia might help, but it is not a reliable source if you're about reliability of info accademicaly...for a quick semi-reliable source, it'll do.
maroc20000 [ PM ]
11 November 2007 18:23
It was Morocco, 100%, they talk about it sometimes here in the States every time M6 visits or every time there is a Moroccan event going on.
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