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Work in London
06/23/2008 07:18  
23, 2008 07:18
06/23/2008 10:33  
adds [ PM ]
23, 2008 10:33
First of all, what kind of work do you wish to do? I used to live in London
London is great city the best of the best, multi racial city , one earns more compared to outside, all kind of jobs are available to those qualified to do them and life is just great, including the newly qualified for experience …
The bad side of London can be stressful as it’s a busy city, very expensive to live in
Paris, too many foreigners and tourists, crowded streets smoggy, gloomy bloody weather.
Paris, from what I used to know about it, is just a lovely city with a wide range of jobs too for foreigners the weather is slightly an improvement than London. The standard of living is a lot lower.
The bad things in my opinion are: being a foreigner in Paris is more of an insult to one’s race compared to London. I found the French a bit difficult to live with in a long term.
All in all visit and see for yourself.
Good luck to you

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06/24/2008 07:27  
24, 2008 07:27
06/24/2008 02:35  
good luck to evryone
06/24/2008 06:14  
Welcome to London ,i totally agree with adds
06/25/2008 09:34  
Salam!Smiling Smiley

How is it going? I hope you are doing ok...

I've just been graduated and I am planning to work in London in the following weeks (well, I am still not quite too sure as I am hesitating between London and Paris) in order to enhance my career.
However, I would like to know more about the working environment in London and the job opportunities.

If some of you guys are working in London, would you please tell me more about your own experience? Is it something you would recommend to a new graduate like me?Grinning smiley
Is it a stressfull environment? Do you enjoy working and living in London?

Many thanks in advanceSmiling Smiley

Hi pounkette. First of all, congratulations on your graduation! Smiling Smiley

I think i remember you from one of the old posts...were you doing a degree in a university in yorkshire? Leeds perhaps? or maybe i'm confusing you with someone else, in which case please forgive me!

Anyway, as everyone else said, London is a wonderful city. its multiculturalism, ethnic diversity and community spirit offers a lot and on a personal level,i doubt you would ever want to leave..
Londoners themselves are nice and warm people in comparison with the rest of the English. This is not to say that Northerners for example are not nice, not at all, but Londoners are quite open on other cultures, i think this is due to the cosmopolitain side of the city of London so you will always find people who will welcome you and want to know more about you.

Now, on a professional level London offers a lot wether it's for newly graduated people or people with experience. It would have helped if you mentioned your area of graduation to point you to the right direction but never mind, the market is stil relatively "healthy" despite the current crisis, just bear in mind that this might change soon with the prospect of a recession upon us so if people start losing their jobs, it will obviously be difficult for new graduates to find positions. I would suggest to start registering with as many recruitment agencies and headhunters to maximise your chances of securing interviews. When i first did that, i was swamped with emails from agencies and had interviews at least once every week!!

The only downside of London is accomodation! I'm not sure if you have thought of this and what you are planning to do but just be aware that London is a very expensive city (the suburbs are less expensive but still high ) and the cost of life has increased a little in the last months. Would be ideal if you could find good people to share with.

Anyway, good luck and if you need adivce or someone to talk to when you come over, feel free to contact me, i'll be happy to help.

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06/25/2008 07:21  
25, 2008 07:21