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universities in uk
kolchi_bekher [ PM ]
19 October 2007 14:58
hello everybody ...
i m new in here and i just wanted to say hi and intreduce myself
i m from morocco too , i m 20 years old and i m so excited to meet and talk with moroccans all over the world

i would like too to know more about universities in uk and how does it work u know to go there
cause i m thinking to go there and finish my studies ....
i would love to study computer science so if any body can help me to collect information about that i would be thankful ...
thanks again and hope to hear from u soon ...
take care all
verveine [ PM ]
20 October 2007 02:04
I don't know a lot about UK, but I've been there once and was facinated by Westminster University, a very good school plus they have a lot of scholarship opportunities, check the website, u'll get a lot of information.
Good luck
Minniemouse [ PM ]
20 October 2007 10:07

When are you planning to go to the UK to study? and what are your qualifications so far?

Here is a list of FAQ on UK universities. I'm sure you'll find answers to most of your questions

and this is a list of all UK universities with a direst link to each one

this is a very good guide published on the Times on ranking of universities according to student's satisfaction 2007/2008

and this is the top 10 liste of universities 2007

Hope this helps!

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kolchi_bekher [ PM ]
20 October 2007 12:54
i m thinking to go there next year but u know ..still collection information, don t know for surePerplexe ...but thanks a lot for ur help ...i realy apreciate that ....Smiling Smiley

take care all(tm)
and thanks again
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