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thinking about our planet seriously
salma49 [ PM ]
28 September 2009 11:41
hi everyone
our planet is ill very ill
and the first to blame is us humansSad Smiley
Heartbroken [ PM ]
28 September 2009 13:01
Clap Hi , as you've dignosed the disease , you have to find the remedy !
salma49 [ PM ]
28 September 2009 14:48
well i m not a doctor my friend
but i can just bring the subject outHeu
faisal28 [ PM ]
3 October 2009 21:49
Clap Hi , as you've dignosed the disease , you have to find the remedy !

if you care about your children and grand children you have to start by caring about the environment

there is no remedy but simple actions to be taken by everyone of us : don t waste water , when you drive thousands miles to Morocco once a year causing tones of carbon monoxide try the other months of the year to be more caring about this planet and responsible plant trees, don t throw rubbish everywhere , save electricity which is good for your wallet and good for the planet
salma49 [ PM ]
5 October 2009 11:52
first we dont drave to morocco we go by planeNo No
faisal28 [ PM ]
5 October 2009 16:04
first we dont drave to morocco we go by planeNo No

the above sentence doesn t have any meaning : are you aware that any type of transport causes the pollution and the planes are the worst
each flight causes tones of carbon monoxide

are you saying because you fly you are not polluting the environment ?????
north star [ PM ]
5 October 2009 20:07
Yes, I think we starting to see consequences - floodings are everywhere. Scientists are saying that in 40-90 years time about 92 million people will be in danger of permanent flooding, therefore they will need a refuge in other countries. The most effected areas will be coasts with low sea levels. Holland is actually below sea level, so only Allah knows its fate. I think 40-90 years is very optimistic. I would think 20-30 years is more likely Sad Smiley
salma49 [ PM ]
6 October 2009 11:35
of course not
i know thata
but you know we should blame the rich countries not morocco or any other third world country for this pollutionNo No
faisal28 [ PM ]
6 October 2009 12:08
not my business or my fault won t improve anything
our planet is shared by everyone so it is everyone s responsibility to reduce the pollution
salma49 [ PM ]
6 October 2009 14:47
i mwith you
i was just trying to let you know about the cause of this problem
Mhsara [ PM ]
4 January 2010 12:27
Well don't think too much about it.cause we will be gone first.
The planet has been around for billions of years and will continue to do so for a very long time.
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