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search for morocains people lives in ireland
2 December 2007 20:03
search for morocains people lives in ireland spinning smiley sticking its tongue out

waiting for answears (tm)
2 December 2007 20:28
gd luckthumbs up
3 December 2007 10:41
In ireland there are not more than 40 moroccans. Good luck
3 December 2007 12:06
can i know why ?? there are not more moroccans in ireland No no?? can i know the cause?? waiting for answear (tm)
3 December 2007 13:07
so cold there!
3 December 2007 14:53
Well is is in Europ also very cold but there are enough maroccan people there hehehe(tm)perplexe
4 December 2007 11:50
Ireland is nice to visit but so depressing to live in. It can get really grim and cold especially in winters (and winters are long). Besides, there isn't much to do except gather with the Irish locals at pubs and get blitzed grinning smiley if you drink that is.

I personally wouldn't elect to live there and will be suprised if any Moroccan soaked in the moroccan sun chose to.
There is no sincerer love than the love of food. George Bernard Shaw
4 December 2007 12:19
thanks for the answer (a3odo bilah i don't drink or smoke )

i think Ireland is the best place to live in the world, according to a "quality of life" come and see it i m sure u will love it , just come and i will give you a sheep hehehe grinning smiley (tm)(tm)
6 December 2007 15:21
Hi there,

I also agree that Ireland is a fascinating country. According to the sources Ireland belongs to the ten first well econamic countries. The Irish landscape is also vey lovely and the people are friendly.Allot of people enjoy living their life in Ireland.So, it is in my view a pleasant place for my hubby( my love and me.smiling smiley


6 December 2007 19:17
(tm)thank you SunShine for answear,we are so proud that we have a nice and educate who comes from holland like you ...
and we hope that your Dreams Come True with lovelyIn love fiance like kailhClap, and we wish you the best of luck in your life together.
Keep your faith and God bless you
6 December 2007 19:25
hello again SunShine i m sorry if i said you fiance No nobecause h is your husbandgrinning smileyClap ok ok ok

good luck

ive ireland and surlly my .....(tm) hehehe...
7 December 2007 13:27

I loved Cork very nice & very laid back & it was not colder than in London
Friendly people too
8 December 2007 13:21
thank you atlasmagic for the answear i want to ask you if u was there ?? if yes can u tell us about the life there ?? and whats the adventages for the life in ireland ??thumbs up
8 December 2007 20:02

I only visited & from what i could see it looks fine & up & coming ,i will ask a friend who just moved over there & get back to you
10 December 2007 12:45
okey brother atlasmagic waiting for more informations about t nice country

i hope that u can answear me soon

salam smiling smiley
10 December 2007 23:30
We are you now? Can you move there easily?
I haven’t visited Ireland just for the weather down fall. May be during the autumn or summer is better than the winter or spring. I know a couple of Doctors living in sudden Ireland; they say it’s lovely, wa allah a3lam.

Adidas Best is not 3raychi
11 December 2007 11:39
welcome adds to th forum i thnk you i lot for answear just i want to know what u mean by Can you move there easily? please explain me that ??

thanks again

just for you .......confused smiley you know spinning smiley sticking its tongue out
11 December 2007 11:57
welcome too to the Forum.perplexe

I am not sure where you live now in Franche,Belsham,S pain or Amorocco. there are imigration regulations for Ireland you have to meet. If you are single it is easy to just pack and go but if you have a family things are different. Why not go there for a couple of weeks just to taste Paddy style.

12 December 2007 13:32
Hi there,

I really would love to react on the message of Adds.

It is really funny that you suggest that it is so easy to go to Ireland. According to your lines you say:"I am not sure where you live now in Franche,Belsham,S pain or Amorocco. there are imigration regulations for Ireland you have to meet. If you are single it is easy to just pack and go but if you have a family things are different."

Well if this person lives in france, Belgium or Spain, yes indeed it is than possible for this person to pack up his stuff and go for a couple of weeks to Ireland or the rest of Europ. But if a person lives in Morocco than the immigration rules for Ireland are much complecater. If you live in Marocco you can not just pack and say" Mum, Dad see you next week I am going for a short holiday to Ireland". Unless you have a great job and a large amount of money on your bankaccount, than you are able to request for a Visa. That means that less than 50 percent of the Moroccan community is that rich to just go and apply for a Visa Tourist.

So actually dear people it has nothing to do with being a single or not. It has much more to do with your
financial position. Relatives in Europ can apply for a visa tourist for their relatives in Morocco and stand in for them. The people in Morocco find it very important to have a life in Europ. 'cause if you live in Europ you can live a happy life no money problems , feel free, think free..that is what our brothers and sisters think in Morocco. And it is oke to think like that, because a life in Morocco can be very hard.

12 December 2007 13:57
Hey there again,

There is something that I also really need to say, but it has nothing to do with Justforyou's subject(search for people in Ireland ) . I know that allot of boys and girls in Europ hesitate before starting a relation with someon in Morocco. I was one of them. Before I met this wonderful guy, I was always saying that as a girl you are not sure what is on the mind of the boy. I mean what if I meet a boy in Morocco will he love me or just love the thought of coming to Europ? Well I just gave him a chance and gave myself a chance to learn this young man better. Suddenly this boy has become the most important person in my life. It was very confusing for me, cause I did not know the meaning of love before. He really does care about me and loves me from the bottem of his heart, but he refuse to live in Morocco. He wants to come and live with me in Europ. At first it was like hearing my own voice in my head, blaming me : "see I told you he is just like the others, they all want Europ". When I asked him if he was intrested in europ more than me, I saw the pain in his eyes. He looked into my eyes and sayed "what is wrong with wanting to live a wonderful free life in Europ with you."

And I realllyy felt ashamed because he was right ..what kind of life will I have with him in Morocco, not able to express myself , not able to afford everything not able to feel in love.

And now and more than ever I am willing to sacrafice and do everything what it takes to bring my hubby over to Europ, to have him on my side.

So what I am trying to say is: love does not know any limits. So if even this boy or girl lives in Morocco or outside Europ give it a chance. It can work out wonderfull.


Sunniespinning smiley sticking its tongue out
12 December 2007 19:39
Dear the sunshine : Thanks for your wonderful message honesty i m so happy to know that still the honest girls there (europ)
i hope that your dreams come true (inchlah yarab amin) amin not amineNo nosad smiley
19 December 2007 00:34
wa amnine is better
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