Dear the sunshine : Thanks for your wonderful message honesty i m so happy to know that still the honest girls there (europ) i hope that your dreams come true (inchlah yarab amin) amin not ...Suite
welcome adds to th forum i thnk you i lot for answear just i want to know what u mean by Can you move there easily? please explain me that ?? thanks again just for you .......:S you know ...Suite
okey brother atlasmagic waiting for more informations about t nice country i hope that u can answear me soon salam ...Suite
thank you atlasmagic for the answear i want to ask you if u was there ?? if yes can u tell us about the life there ?? and whats the adventages for the life in ireland ...Suite
hello again SunShine i m sorry if i said you fiance :nobecause h is your husband:D:clap: ok ok ok good luck ive ireland and surlly my .....(tm) ...Suite
(tm)thank you SunShine for answear,we are so proud that we have a nice and educate who comes from holland like you ... and we hope that your Dreams Come True with lovely:L: fiance like kailh:clap:, ...Suite
thanks for the answer (a3odo bilah i don't drink or smoke ) i think Ireland is the best place to live in the world, according to a "quality of life" come and see it i m sure u will ...Suite
Well is is in Europ also very cold but there are enough maroccan people there ...Suite
can i know why ?? there are not more moroccans in ireland :no?? can i know the cause?? waiting for answear ...Suite
j'ai besoin d reponse de personne instruis pas comme ceux ...Suite
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