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Nass El Ghiwane in Paris ! are u up 4 it ?
14 May 2008 10:37

Few of us are making the trip to Paris on the 24th to see the show []

Who will be there ?
14 May 2008 15:15
Salam Atlas

i don't want to discourage you but for me lghiwane are finished with the death of Batma and after Souiri left, now they are trying to survive as everybody tries to do but they doing harm to their own image and legend...

However, the trip is a nice idea for you expatriate people to get together and live some nice moments...

"The true traveller is without goal, it is the absence of goals which creates the ultimate traveller."Gao Xingjian 'Soul Mountain'
14 May 2008 15:18
Hello Atlas,
I am a fun of Nass Elghiwane too. Any chance of a ticket to the any of the shows or all of them?
I need cheering up really these days; perhaps a trip to France or Belgium what the doctor needs to order me to do.

Adds adds jazz but never subtract music
14 May 2008 16:28

I hear what you saying but as adds say we all need some cheering & hearing Batma's brother , Allal & Omar will definetely bring some memeries & remind us of the Days ....

adds : they will also have Lafnayare an other band ....& i believe the tickets are available on the day ,so far its 3 of us aiming to leave on Eurostar on the 24th
15 May 2008 22:24
I wish i will be there inchallah but it depends on attijaribank!!!!
Inchallah they will send me tickets for it... please pray for me sisters and brothers!!
16 May 2008 10:05
ME TOOO!spinning smiley sticking its tongue out

Mr le cheffnage
Adds adds jazz but never subtract music
16 May 2008 11:56
We left it too late , so getting Eurostar tickets is an issue now ! all staff tickets are sold out & no cheap deals !
19 May 2008 10:11
Atlas one can still go flights can be cheaper to Paris around £50 return; it' never too late. I really wish I could go. I have booked the 27and 28 off but I have a local job interview coming. I must revise a bit I have frogotten all the standars and what I have learned.

Allah e dakarna fi a shahada (exam)perplexe
Adds adds jazz but never subtract music
19 May 2008 16:46

Good luck mate

Flights are also expensive ! i had it confirmed now that we are getting VIP tickets ,Roll on the red carpet ...or Zarbia !
20 May 2008 13:15
Brother, VIP tickets!!!! I would love one of them Carpet or hassira.
I know you are about to confirm you are saving me my ticketthumbs up
Adds adds jazz but never subtract music
20 May 2008 14:25
Yep there is one spare if you could make it ?

We just booked the Ferry leaving on the 24th coming back the 25th ,let me know by PM if you up for it
21 May 2008 09:52
Hi Atlas

Oh!!!! That is super, I would love to go. I have freed the weekend; if the offer seriously stands please confirm it with how to go about it.
Adds adds jazz but never subtract music
21 May 2008 13:11

The offer stands i have the VIP tickets ( interesting to see what VIP stand for here ?)
We booked a ferry leaving on Saturday & coming back Sunday
Ticket is free
Ferry is £174 to share between all we are 3 confirmed so far + petrol
For times ect by PM
21 May 2008 15:23
thanks for the reply, is it between four people or three? I am between Norwich and Cambridge what about you?
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21 May 2008 16:12
We setting off from London ,west London to be precise
21 May 2008 16:27

You have the option to meet us in Dover too if its more convenient
21 May 2008 16:31
where about are you?
Adds adds jazz but never subtract music
21 May 2008 16:42
West London
21 May 2008 20:49
After all, I am gonna pass on it as it is not practical for me. Thanks all the same.
Adds adds jazz but never subtract music
21 May 2008 23:36

Do you know haow can i get the yikets for the nass elghiwane tripe ?

22 May 2008 11:59
You need to contact attijari for them

unless you willing to tempt us we could offer you a VIP tickets

So a nice Moroccan dinner /breakfast .....
22 May 2008 13:09
Oooh sounds great!! can't say i'm a huge fan of nass alghiwane (not my generation) but i do like many of the songs and would have liked to see them on stage!

Can't do this time unfortunately, would be great if they came to London!!
There is no sincerer love than the love of food. George Bernard Shaw
22 May 2008 13:18
Hi Minniemouse

Al Ghiwane are for every generation ...even its only 2 members left but it will be nostalgic to see them live & re live my college days when i watched them in there turf .....

Yes i hope they will do some shows here too ...
23 May 2008 12:23
24 May 2008 00:54
Allah i rahmo he was one a genuis indeed
Adds adds jazz but never subtract music
25 May 2008 23:46
We had a top night in Paris : Chaba Maria sung , Fnaaire entraitained & Nass rocked
26 May 2008 01:39
Glad you had good time. I 'll try and pop to see you one day Atlas.
Adds adds jazz but never subtract music
26 May 2008 14:36
Cheers adds ,any time mate, Mar7ba ...we had a wonderful time its was so awesome to see Nass & to be with them so close & to speak to Batma .. yes Omar & Allah are getting on a bit but i'am glad the Batma brothers are here to carry on felt like Al3arbi was there the young Batma was on top form & the striking thing is that the young generation watching the gig appreciated & respected Nass ( i had some reservation before but i was very wrong): before their appearance on stage ,everyone stood up & applauded them & even the younger ones stayed up for the two hours we had Nass on stage , its was a night to remimber we could not ask for more a brilliant organisation ,a top show & a fab audiance well done to all... ..... very proud of a good show our boys & girls put on + the food was good & a nice vibe filled the place ...glad we were lucky to be there & looking forward to see similar gigs in London one day ...
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