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History: How 'The Rolling Stones' Vilified Moroccans in 1960s
8 août 2020 16:39
The media is considered to be one of the leading deliverers of information and news that have profound effects on people, whether, through movies, TV shows, documentaries, or newspaper. Nearly, most of media messages have at least three purposes, which are entertaining, coaxing, and educating. Because of that, now, it becomes a weapon in authority's hands and can be used to disseminate various messages publicly. But, Grasping the ability to distinguish and recognize the truth inside the lines is another weapon. Hence, in this essay, we are going to analyze and distinguish the deep truth of the documentary, "The Rolling Stones in Morocco."

"The Rolling Stones in Morocco," a documentary was recorded in Morocco in 1989, shows the band Rolling Stones landing in morocco to record an album featuring the Moroccan band Jajouka. The documentary extremely misrepresents and misleads not only Moroccan people. But also, Moroccan culture. They intentionally depict different symbols to western societies from an orientalist perspective. For example, they show morocco as an uncivilized, blackened, and undeveloped land. Through countless images such as, the animal-skin clothes, which were worn by a member of a band, the spoken-language by Moroccan natives, traditions like "AUSTORAT BOUJELOUD," Animals in desert land who have nothing to eat and most importantly, food and the way the old woman shows eggs. All of which made purposefully and deliberately in order to represent Morocco's reputation as severe and dangerous as possible. Predictably, the documentary humanizes Rolling Stones as a loving, humble, and dedicated volunteers on behalf of the perfectly innocent western societies.
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