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Sujets sur forum Krim
A mandate to revive France
7 May 2007 à 15:56
President Sarkozy May 7, 2007; Page A14 Voters yesterday handed Nicolas Sarkozy a mandate to revive France. The next President of France is 52 years old and of Hungarian and Greek-Jewish descent. ...Suite
La liberté d’expression ? Tu parles ! Et pourtant... ce temps passera mardi 6 mars 2007, par Tariq Ramadan imprimer cet article Version à imprimer La France était en ...Suite
NEWS EUROPE Georgia to send more troops to Iraq President Saakashvili: Next year will be decisive in terms of stabilising Iraq Georgia is to more than double its contingent of soldiers in ...Suite
Do not pass the Holocaust Museum, Do not collect $200. Go directly back home (for telling the truth). German clerics enrage Yad Vashem 03.06.2007 | The Jerusalem Post By Etgar Lefkovits Yad ...Suite
Read and not enjoy!
5 March 2007 à 09:06
Anti-Semites ignore intricacy of mah jong tiles Medieval Muslims made stunning math breakthrough 02.22.2007 | Reuters by Will Dunham WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Magnificently sophisticated ...Suite
Ibn Rushd Fund for Freedom of Thought
19 February 2007 à 21:54
Ibn Rushd Fund for Freedom of Thought Fostering Freedom of Thought and Democracy in the Arab World The Ibn Rushd Fund for Freedom of Thought was founded on December 10th, 1998, in commemoration ...Suite
Averroes, Maimonides, Aquinas
19 February 2007 à 21:45
eleased December 20, 2003 The Wisdom Fund, P. O. Box 2723, Arlington, VA 22202 Website: http://www.twf.org -- Press Contact: Jacob Bender Lessons From the Three Wise Men by Jacob Bender ...Suite
NEWS CENTRAL/S. ASIA Pakistan mulls forced marriage ban Opposition supporters protested against the amendments to Pakistan's rape laws Pakistan's ruling party has introduced a bill to ...Suite
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