Re: need help
8 janvier 2012 à 16:51 [Morocco # English board]
Hi all, First there are many kinds of "Englishes". We have: spoken English only - Business English - General English - English for specific purposes. you should decide first what sort of ...Suite
انا صيفت غير 10 الاف و900 اميل. واش غادي يهجم علي شي ديناصور؟ انا خايف وبوحدي ...Suite
هموم الدنيا ماينسيها غير الضحك......شكرا على هاد ...Suite
Les deux sont good, mais pourquoi depenser plus d'argent pour la meme ...Suite
Dear sir, Since the famous bombing in Casablanca a few years ago, Morocco is trying to protect itself from terror. Being a Pakistani national and travelling alone to Morocco may raise questions. ...Suite
Hijab in Morocco is a recent story. Jellaba is our traditional attire and we are proud of it. As for Hijab...ask where it comes's not ours. It's a Wahhabi-Talibani invader! We ...Suite
Royal Air Maroc banning prayer times in their offices? they have well done because our gentle prayers actually take much more time than needed. I live in a Gulf state and i always have to wait 30 ...Suite
Re: Ces anciens musulmans
24 août 2006 à 22:23 [Général]
chacun fais ce qu'il lui plait bon, un peu de philosophie :D apres tout, tout ceux qui sont sur ce site ( et les autres aussi ) ne savaient pas qu'ils aller devenir ...Suite
Dear sbs, Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world. It is in every corner of the globe. I live in a Gulf state and just in front of me there is a fully furnished appartment building for ...Suite
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