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Zakat Al fitr (UK)
Minniemouse [ PM ]
29 September 2008 16:03
Hi! hope you're all ok. I have a question for the guys who live in England. How and where do you pay your zakat? Do you donate a sum to your local mosque or do you give to a charity or do you send money back home? I have been checking online and they give you these zakat calculators with all sort of questions on your income, gold and silver assets, loans and savings's all very complicated so any help will be appreciated Smiling Smiley
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chelhman [ PM ]
29 September 2008 16:38
Not in the UK but I hope this helps : I give to NGOs in Morocco for education, the NGOs use the money for the education of mostly girls in rural areas and give you a follow up, it's anonymous so the sada9a spirit is respected, and at least you've contributed to the future of someone who may never have had a chance, it's the best gift I can think of, in the hopes that the chain will continue with those you've helped.
adds [ PM ]
29 September 2008 17:18
In this country it is very hard to find someone who deserves zakateas usual I give my zakate before Ramadan and some donations to the animal welfare at the end.

Allah yataq9abal
By the way is the eed definitly the wednsday (I am always the last one fasting, to hear the news)
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atlasmagic [ PM ]
29 September 2008 18:10

I send money back home to the needy in the rural areas & this year i'am helping a sick child inchaa allah

Eid Mobarak to all & may allah ta9abal siyamana wa sakatana
Minniemouse [ PM ]
29 September 2008 22:18
Thank you all for your replies Smiling Smiley Like you all, I've always been sending money back home to help the poor and the needy, i didn't have a choice when i used to live in the North, in a small village where there was no mosque and no Muslim community. But now that i am in London, and there are mosques around, i was wondering if i should rather give the zakat here instead of sending it home. I did enquire about where all the zakat money goes but it's all very confusing and unclear. At least by giving money to NGOs or known poor people back home we feel safe that we are contributing to the well-being of someone rather than just acting in the dark. May God accept our good deeds. Eid Mubarak to you all Smiling Smiley
There is no sincerer love than the love of food. George Bernard Shaw
atlasmagic [ PM ]
29 September 2008 23:28

Zakat is £4 per head this year & i believe back home we have more needy & we need to start with the closer ones " Dawi al 9orba ..."

Eid Mobarak to all as its tomorrow here & Wednesday in Morocco
happybrain [ PM ]
30 September 2008 00:43
Eid mubarak all and easy on baghrir.

Usually I look after my immediate family (the needy ones that is) and then, as Chelhman mentioned, it will be of great help if we all are able to sponsor a child in morocco with one off donation or monthly payment - whatever you can . If you are interested, here is one of them
SOS Children Morocco
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Fax: +212/22 98 97 38
e-mail: [email protected]
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