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What If you... It's not a candy topic
14 April 2018 23:59

What will happen if you quit Sugar?

Due to some researches I’ve done recently about sugar impact and the negative lasting and damaging effects within our body. I decided to reduce sugar consumption.
It spends 3days that I'm on this diet and I can confirm you I was surprised about the immediate positive results, like my energy was improved, I get better sleep, my mood is more stabilized.

Now I'm thinking to stop taking it definitely.

Have you ever experienced this before?

I advise you to do the same; you will certainly notice a huge improvement on your body.

I added below some links which describe some useful ways to eat less sugar :


Cheers !
15 April 2018 00:05
Salam ,

When you talk about sugar, it's all sweet products or just sugar ?

I tried to stop all sweet productucts durand one week and i started being depressed.

But , I think it's good idea but you have to remove the sugar little by little ..

you'll have a better chance of staying in the long term
15 April 2018 00:09
well ,i think it depends on your blood sugar level ,and it looks so hard to get out of it cause well can't imagine myself eating some dishes without sugar . you have to do some great effort to do it.
and i wish you good luck smiling smiley
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