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Searching for a Morccan chat in Morocco
29 January 2008 11:14
Hi guys,
Does anyone know of any chat in Morocco, preferably from Tangiers. I'm trying to search for some old friends.
29 January 2008 11:49
Hey, have you tried facebook? if you're looking for old friends i believe it's the best way. I found mine from primary school, high school and up to uni all there...
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29 January 2008 20:29
angry smiley(tm)winking smileyyawning smileyCoolevilthumbs upCensoredthumbs downsleepingeye popping smileyNo nogrinning smileytongue sticking out smileyClapspinning smiley sticking its tongue outCensored(tm)

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30 January 2008 02:47
I'm sorry you feel that way, I have no ill intentions toward anyone regardless of age, color or creed.
At least I say the truth about who I'm and don't hide behind masks.
30 January 2008 02:53
Thank you for your Advice I'll try that.
15 February 2008 15:18
have you tried it 's a popular site

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