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How much Morrocan reside abroad ?
17 June 2008 14:36
I think it's more than 2 millions...Im right!
17 June 2008 15:55
It's closer to 3 millions from what I've read, it shouldn't be a mystery : moroccan citizens need to register at their consulate to renew their passports, so if the data is properly collected from all consulates, we should have a pretty accurate count.
That leaves the variable of the 7arragas, but at one point when their situation is stabilized, they also have to register at the consulates.
One thing I've read somewhere is that it is the largest migration movement in recent history, don't know it it's true. One thing is true, we seem to be everywhere, but we're like a spice, a little of us refines the taste, too much of us somewhere and it
sours it...tongue sticking out smiley
17 June 2008 16:11
i read somwhere its 3.3 millions without the 7araga
17 June 2008 17:14
Anyway, here in the Netherlands, the number is: 435 127 (official number by Dutch authorities, date: 01-01-2008).
Excluding the illegale Moroccans.
17 June 2008 17:18
Sbs2000, does the count include those who opted for the dutch nationality ? In Belgium, they don't count them, as far as they're concerned they're belgian citizens, it would be viewed as discriminatory otherwise. That makes the population of Moroccans hard to define here.

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17 June 2008 17:57
Its including the Moroccans with a Dutch nationality.
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