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How much enough is enough
13 March 2008 14:52
Hi guys

I just want to have your opinion on a the serious matter and the sensitive subject of marriage. If one has been married to someone for so many years, keeping it going for the sake of the children and no love or trust was developed on both sides when should one call it a day and becomes bachelor again and early fishing?



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13 March 2008 14:59
ASAP is the answer. Especially if there is no trust, that's like sharing your life with your's hard when there are children but staying together wouldn't make it any better.

but what do you mean by early fishing?
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13 March 2008 16:20
Thanks mini for your reply; early fishing means before divorce is out and before agreeing on it in the first place. As far as Morocco is concerned if one was not married in chari3a he is single in anyway.

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14 March 2008 19:08
hi adds,

i'd agree with minniemouse on this one: the sooner is the better. i mean if there's no love or trust, where's the relationship going? i can understand the argument about the kids, but do you think they can't feel that something's wrong anyway? they do. and bearing that in mind, how do you think they feel about it? and what kind of example do you think you're setting for them? sorry if i put my nose where i don't belong, but this is only my opinion, for what it's worth.
15 March 2008 14:35
Thank you Khadija for your point of view, I do appreciate your sincerity.
It is the saying “if life present you with lemon make lemonade” that kept this relationship going. One mistake led to another while trying to resolve the first one. The relationship is going no where, the children are the prime concern here. The psychological impact on the children at this stage can be detrimental to their personalities and their future too.
The dilemma is:
when the right time is right? Is it to just pack and go thing? Leave the problems unsolved behind and move on? Start all over again elsewhere?

Best regards


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