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mroccan who speaking english
12 February 2008 17:32
I look for moroccan people who speak english and living all over the world. I try to improve my english, cause I need It in my job. I' m a manager telecom and I must meet severel time some foreing people who speak only english.

I think that I can be better if I write and speak this language daily.
can you help me please?
12 February 2008 22:56
Move for one year to the UK/USA
13 February 2008 06:28
You already started! Just respond to some threads here and read every response; regardless! It's not the best and accurate style you can find, but it gives you an option that's risk free! Read the News on line and listen as much as you can, I happen to believe that to be the KEY to learning almost anything!
Good luck to you!
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