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Morocco is praised for reforms
6 September 2006 09:27
Our country is being praised for its business reforms, we are among the top 20 countries in the world where business is facilitated. But, is being praised by the devil a good thing ?

6 September 2006 13:40
How can Iran is not mentioned by the Worldbank ?
6 September 2006 14:59
Hi Krim,

Wild guess : the worldbank being led these days by Paul Wolfowitz, I'd say Iran is not exactly on the neoconservatives' good graces. Besides, Iran is not an open country for business.
Seriously, if you had money to invest, would Iran be on top of your list to start a business ?
6 September 2006 22:05
Ok!... But somebody should take a look at how the Moroccan Banks do business! I don't know about everybody, but it seems they use their "own exchange rate" and this happened to me personally...has this ever happend to anyone!?
6 September 2006 23:13
Hi Yani,

I've closed my account with what used to be called Wafabank because I was fed up with overcharges and hidden costs. As for the exchange rate, I usually deal with the BMCE at the airport, they're ok. But generally speaking, the banking system in Morocco is not up to the task when it comes to business, it's all cosmetics but no substance, greats offices, great welcome but when you get down to business, they're still years behind asians or europeans.
I guess they'll adapt soon given the pressure now from foreign investments and the competition from other banks since the market is due to be completely liberalized.
7 September 2006 07:56
Hi Chelhman,

The Bank du Maroc is still taking the MRE's for granted and literally "stealing" money out of our pockets! I'm ashamed to say so! Hope the Competition, Foreing Banks in Morocco, will put some pressure on the BMCE and Co. to change thier way of doing business; otherwise they will have none!

Bank du Maroc is sort of like la RAM, monopolozing the market offering a mediocre service while charging more! I wish them the best, though!
8 September 2006 23:39
at least you have to admit one thing guys: moroccan banks are amongst the only institutions in morocco to put their signs out every summer to welcome us (i've always wondered why they would go through so much trouble to "welcome the moroccans based abroad"Winking smiley..... your stories about how far they will go to rip us off kind of constitute the beginning of the answer.....
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