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Moroccan student in France, really wanna move
25 August 2016 06:19
Hi dear community,
I'm currently studying in France a Master's degree in Economic sciences and management, it's been 4 years that i've been here and i'm really thinking about moving because the overall climate (Political and societal) isn't pleasing me Are you crazy.

So basically the idea is to continue my master in an english speaking country, and even find a job there after my studies if possible. It would be another international experience for me and also a personal life change that would be really appreciated.
I've been thinking about USA, but i don't know how the proceedings goes. I'll do my researches.

I'm adressing this message to you guys to know if there's other options, a good country when it is nice to live and where we judge for who you are and not your name. I may sound paranoid lol but i just want to chill the fuck out elsewhere than in France and that's all about it.

So any suggestions?

Thanks in advance and excuse me if i might have done any mistakes.
30 August 2016 18:13
Best country for muslims in europe is without any doubt the UK, especially London !

Best option for you is to stay and work in france for a few years until you get a french passport. Then you will be allowed to live and work wherever you want in the EU. If the UK is still within the EU at that time you can move there. or to ireland.

Another option is to marry an EU national. As a spouse of an EU national you will be allowed to work and live in any other EU country. Usually it takes less than 10 days for the UK to issue an EE family permit, it's very easy, free and straightforward.
30 August 2016 18:23
It's true that the climate here in France is quite awful for north african, if you have the opportunity to leave, do it.
I don't know about the USA, but i've heard good things about Canada. Since the UK are leaving the EU, things may change for future immigration.
And don't listen to the guy that talks about marriage, there's nothing as bad as marrying someone for papers.
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18 October 2016 16:36
Hey bro, I too have the same idea, and I'm thinking of Canada.. I'm doing Master in Industrial engineering in Paris, what about u where do u live ? if u're close we can stay connected to discuss the topic deeply !

Kind regards,
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