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Moroccan convicted in Zotob Virus crackdown
15 September 2006 04:59
15 September 2006 13:38
The sentence was a little harsh for those kids however when I lost all my data two years ago because of an infection, if the virus engineer was in front of me that day, I would have applied the death penalty myself by hitting him on the head with the monitor.
16 September 2006 12:42

Is true Moroccan kids are heading in hacking biz. What I hate about it!

if you have some skilles in computer programming is better you use it in good way.

there are so many comunite of hackers but not much devlopping programs that can be used.

i would love to see a place for Moroccan devlopping any kind of freeware "CMS". is too bad when we get known just by destroying..
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