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modernization & Moroccans
Sunny [ PM ]
10 March 2005 21:46
What do you think about the modernization and the Moroccans being the Youth? I've read many articles about the way the young generation behave themselves in a bad sense??
cali [ PM ]
10 March 2005 22:56
what do you mean sunny? could you explain pleasem or give us some examples?
Sunny [ PM ]
10 March 2005 23:01
Sure Cali and thanx for your question: Well I read that the modernization for the young Moroccans is to blindly immitate the west in all levels. Some young Moroccans no longer stick with the Traditions or even The religion, again I am not generalizing but the majority if I can permit myslef to say so.
What do yall Think??
Smiling Smiley
cali [ PM ]
10 March 2005 23:18
In my opinion what we need is an open debate. Where we illustrate what we need to do for our society inorder to come further with modernisation. Indeed we do need to modernise our society. The secvice in offices, the way we people we treath each other, the way we treath our invironement and so on. We also need to be aware of our civil rights and the rights of every citizen. And all this can be done while still sticking to our own traditions.
Sunny [ PM ]
10 March 2005 23:51
I totaly Agree with you but the problem for most of the Young Moroccans is that they think that to be modern is to disconnect from tradition and religion. And that my freinds is selfhatered! don't you think??
almotanabi [ PM ]
10 March 2005 23:55
allah enejjina we nejjikoum min selfhatered, that's the worst, yalatif yalatif

cali [ PM ]
11 March 2005 00:00
I think that people are quiet tired of their daily life. They want to see some changes. But they don't really know what is it they need to drop, and what they need to keep. That's why I think that we need a debate where illuminate what it is to be done. Besides we in morocco also have an identity problem. Sometimes we're arabs, other times we're neighbourgs to europe, or africans. We even use foreign languages to communicate.
almotanabi [ PM ]
11 March 2005 00:22
Now you all get me to talk seriously, here is my view;
I believe that nothing will change in Morocco so long as Morocco does not invest heavily in education, schooling, schooling, schooling.
Second, there must be a serious decision, which will not be easy, and that is commitment to democracy, I know some of you may say, well morocco started, well, it’s not enough, democracy is take it or leave it, you can’t choose and select what suits you and what’s not,
Third, I believe we still have way too many religious fanatics who would not hesitate to blow up innocent people like they did in Casablanca, and to curb that, morocco should not only use the police force, but look into the causes of the problem, i.e. poverty and abandonment of educated young people who then become an easy target for fanatics.
Fourth, women’s right is always going to be a big problem in the Muslim world, while respecting Islam, morocco still has long way to in that department.
And finally, we should open our market to foreign investors and help them create jobs for poor Moroccans, NO 19 YEARS OLD SHOULD LOOSE HIS OR HER LIFE IN THE OCEAN TRYING TO FIND A JOB IN SPAIN, it doesn’t make any sense.
Ooof, now I can go take a nap….

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Sunny [ PM ]
11 March 2005 00:46
I see your point almotanabi and to some extent I agree but there are some points I would like to discuss, for example concerning opening the market to foreing investemnt that might cause inflation in Morocco if not well controlled which I doubt because everyone will just look after his/her profit while doing business with foreing investors. These investors who will use the Moroocan Labor and create a huge problem for local samll businesses..
Also there is the point of the women's right, I am not familiar with these right because I do not live in Morocco but to my understanding Our religion gave way much freedom to the Women before These right came in at first place so I don't see why this might contradict with the Islamic world??
I hope you enjoyed your NapSmiling Smiley
almotanabi [ PM ]
11 March 2005 01:14
You woke me up Sunny because I disagree with what you said,
I did not say let foreign investors come and make life harder for our people, I always look at examples like, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India and alike, I always like to compare Morocco to much bigger economies. It’s better that way.
As for women’s right, you have to be joking, 75% of women in morocco are illiterate, great number are abused and slapped around all the time, and in all this they can’t even leave the house of an abusive husbands. Islam doesn’t say that, humanity doesn’t say that either. It’s a basis human right and we have to do it.

Sunny [ PM ]
11 March 2005 01:37
Sorry to wake you upSmiling Smiley didn't mean it???
I saw your point Almotanabi but those countries you mentioned still suffer from a lots of poverty and also Hong Kong or some other asian countries their economic success is based primary on piracy which is another point to talk about dealing with Ethics in Business.
I am 1000% for the education of the Moroccans especially women, but What I wanted to point out is that The rights given to women by the new modawana exsited way before in Islamic rules since The religion gave a lots of freedom to the womem and it's the man who abused them because I guess of Illitracy and ignorance!!
Like this: "Woman is a school if you prepare it and educate it you will end up with a good deed population".
almotanabi [ PM ]
11 March 2005 03:04
Oh how much I know that the phrase you ended you reply with:
then we don't have lots of desagreement, but just some...

Krim [ PM ]
11 March 2005 09:50
Dear Almot dear Sunny.

This is a german telling:
The fisch stinks from the head.

Malysia stated 35 or 40 years ago investing a lot in education. They learned to be serious, work hard and be proud of their country. They are also muslims but they got the chance of having politicians with passion and visions.
Sunny you are some how not fair with this country.

Brest regards
almotanabi [ PM ]
11 March 2005 13:09
Hello Krim and Sunny,

I don't recall if it was Mahatir or another minister in Malaysia, who decided one day that Malaysia should invest and do what it takes to create a Malaysian car, many laughed at the idea, and many in the west just didn't care because they were sure it would not happen, but to their surprise after years of hard work and of failed attempts, the Malay cars started rolling out of the factories and now are been sold in many countries around the world, not only that, but of great quality, too.
What I mean when I said this is that you need people with big visions, you need the ones who won't plan for 10 or even 20 years sometimes, but for coming generations, you need real dreamers to advance and insure a future for your country.
And one area where I wish the Moroccan Government do much more, is helping the MRE who come back home and try to open businesses, make sure they won't be sandwiches in the hand of Lemkeddem, El kaid and the unbelievable bureaucracy and corruption that we still have in morocco. In my view, an MRE returning to start a business is priceless commodity and need all help possible, a very special attention should be given to these people and not just words in newspapers.

Sunny [ PM ]
11 March 2005 19:23
Your right Almot, Moroccans need to get rid of there double identity and start working hard for the benifit of the next generation, I have a lots of hope for Morocco if we all start thinking like we are discussing now. I am positive that we'll make it 2 one Day Inshalah.
Concerning you Krim, I was talking in general about Asian countries and like I stated in the previous msg that most Asian Businesses are based on piracy yet not All.
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