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master applications
indibikhich [ MP ]
14 avril 2006 12:04
it is really hard!!!!
right now i'm trying to get myself together for my master applications and it si really hard. toefl, GMAT and the most annoying are the essays.
- why do u want to go for this master degree?
- tell us about ur major achievements
- leadership roles....
and more and more. the problem is that, the essays in the applications are like ur kinda open space and maybe ur unique chance where u really have to proove and show what u got, ambition, career goals...all this blablabla.
so to sum up, i am out of any inspiration, no if u have some tricks, tips , those u passed from this phase please let me know asap...the deadlines are really approching.
thanks in advance
tetuan [ MP ]
14 avril 2006 18:55
merci de traduire
indibikhich [ MP ]
18 avril 2006 10:17
j'ai besoin de reponses en anglais!!! je voulai le poster sur english boared mai c plsu etudes k'autres chose!!!!
alors personnes sur bladi...n'a fait de master dans un pays anglophone?!?!?
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