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living abroad
sbs2000 [ PM ]
10 January 2008 20:25
Living in the middle of no where I am literally sheltered from in-person contact with fellow Moroccans. But through my limited travel and online interactions with other Moroccans I learned that no one likes to hang out with other Moroccans, or at least claims to. Their reasons; are that we Moroccans living abroad tend to bring nothing but trouble and misfortune to each other, not to forget that they love to snoop in each other’s business and arrange backbiting get-togethers as if they were members of some book club.

Every one complained from the same issues and claimed to be unlike the others. As an outsider, I found it paradoxical. Because all of them have many Moroccan friends that they talk to one another on a daily basis, I personally noticed scrimmages of jealousy, hate, and backbiting with big smiles on the faces. The other kind is those who have yet to divorce themselves from imperialist ideologies. News flash, this is the United States. I can care less about who you are in Morocco, it does not mean anything to me.

The solution, check with the man in the mirror. May be we embody these bad traits ourselves. Start taking responsibility for our actions. Be more positive, put a 10 on every body head, especially those we meet the first time, because people are inclined to open up and be more genuine when they are appreciated. Give people the benefit of doubt as opposed to the opposite, didn’t our Quran say “Inna ba3da adhanni Itm” “ indeed small doubt is a sin”
adds [ PM ]
15 January 2008 23:10

Man it is sad what are saying, I have lived most of my life a broad. Good friends now days are like gold;
weather Marokiying, Merikaniying, or any other race. Friendship doesn’t happen over night. When people are away from their familiar surroundings it takes time for them to settle down and find their way around. Everyone needs help at the start. Someone with good education and an interesting life will not look at the dark side of the moon but will see only the bright one.
What you have noticed just from interacting with a category of immigrants trying to survive; should not blur your vision to generalise your judgement on the entire nation.

In general Moroccans are warm affectionate people; of course there are others that had bad experiences while settling down abroad due mainly to misunderstandings.

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sunsetmoon [ PM ]
17 January 2008 08:40
yes Moroccans are warm but what sbs2000 said is true, i experienced negative feelings through the web as dealing with some Moroccan ppl for business purposes...i was considering them like my friends ...since they're wlad bladi.unfortunately all i've found is that they're too sharp for friendship,they're even harmful (i mean their thoughts and the way they are over careful!)
but as u said, we shouldn't generalize anyway... cuz i know some moroccan women here in indonesia, and they're my friends even through the phone and they're so close to my heart as if they were my family!
adds [ PM ]
23 January 2008 16:57
Friendship in money is boiling water; you are judging people from the net that alone tells a lot about the judge. I wouldn’t do business with anyone I don’t trust. Trust is a big word; a cord can bite you only once.

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Interprete [ PM ]
23 January 2008 18:14
Dear Friends from Morocco,
I live in the U.S.since 1972, I wanted to renew my Moroccan passeport down loaded and mail all trhe required papers. Waited six months, e-mailed, sent registered letters and left humpteen phone messages in vain. redid the process again for the second time, waited four months with no result. All my calls, e-mails and registred letters went unaswered. Finally my wife wrote from Switzerland and after her second letter I got a call from tne consulate in NY. I spoke with a man by the of Mr. Taoufik. He told me that I had to go to New York to have my fingerprints taken. I made an appointment with him and flew to New York.Needless to say I was the first in line, but when they opened th door around 10:00 am, It was like the old times in Cinema Casar et Capitol in Tangiers he who pushes the hardest get the tickets with total disregard to appointment or howlong you've been waiting. Finally I got to see Mr. Toufik while in his Office he called on people tha he knows and me sitting there like an idiot. Finally I told him Mr. Taoufik I have an appointment with you and have to catch a plane back this afternoon if you would please help me. Ah Ah Ok I'll go get you file. He comes back with it, takes my pictures and my fingerprints then opens the file looks at me and said do you have a birth certificat? I said no, sorry I never had one. He hands my file and said. Sorry I can't help you. Just like that. I wrote Morocco and was told since I was born in 1950 an Morocco wasn't independant then there is no records. Even with my passeport No. No one seems to want to help. Does any friend out there have any advice on how to solve this utterly frustrating situation. Thank you in advance
najib196 [ PM ]
24 January 2008 11:09
Hello there

I really do feel for you and sympathise a lot with what you are going through brother,
Unfortunately Moroccan administrative system does not follow logical way of dealing with the citizens. The frustration of queuing, jumping a head in front of others reflect the bad manners we carry with us even abroad and demonstrate it in opportunities similar to yours where other Moroccans are present just to cheese them off.
I have not heard of a similar case like yours, the birth certificate and finger prints are not required for renewing your passport. You only need photocopies of the original documents. Check again with them.
Here in UK things are a bit better generally speaking one can renew all the documents in one day but still have to go to London that means a day off and a long journey if one lives far away like myself.

If you have the US passport why would you need the Moroccan too?

I have renewed my Moroccan two years but couldn’t travel with it as one has to pay lots of money £250-500 to just have the restriction removed. I will not renew it in the future.

Best wishes

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Hadiya [ PM ]
24 January 2008 23:39
Dear sbs2000

It's completly true what you are saying. That's why most of convert muslims say: "we are muslims because we know islam first. If we met muslims, we would never convert to islam".
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