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Invest your time and energy in Morocco
sbs [ PM ]
24 August 2006 00:59

We all love our bled, and we want to see Morocco economically prosper.
I was wondering if our presence back home will make a difference.

Are we willing to sacrify let's say a year by moving back temporarily and be part of the "slow"changes that are occuring!

Do you believe that Morocco needs our help and experiences, or the brain power back home is capable of carrying the mission!

If a group of us young Moroccans decide to move back and tackle an issue or a project, will we succeed and be more productive than our counterparts in Morocco!

Any ideas, comments, insults
Driss1 [ PM ]
26 August 2006 13:53
It is happening, despite the slow motion, but we're getting there. Many moroccans who lived abraod for some years have decided to return and participate in the development of our country. There are unfortunately great challenges when you take such move one of which is the local mentality and the social behaviour that weakenes the economy and shrinks the will and ambition of many youg talents.

There is another serious obstacle which is the orientation of the country being french. I wil give you a live example which is Me, I hold a diploma in Marketing from a University in London, I also have an engineering degree from Canada, when I have decides to make a U turn I was over brimmed by the importance of french diplomas and the language itself, I struggled to get myself a job though I feel I could be at a much better position if only I have decided to spend some time in France. This is a fact and we, people coming from different encounters have to take into serious consideration, not only it rips apart a great deal of talent whch could be very well benefited from but it's slow ride towards economic prosperity.

So if you're up for the challenge and you wanna struggle your way to the top in the middle of this bulk, you can.

Where there's a will there's a way


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