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hasaniya women's association
7 May 2008 18:52
hi guys,

has anyone heard of hasaniya women's association? it is a moroccan association created by british moroccan women in london; if you have heard of them / taken part in their activities, can you please tell me what they're like? they've got a website, but there's little of interest on there!
8 May 2008 11:10
Hi Khadija,

I personnally never heard of this association but the name sounds a bit...royal-ish. If it's to do with some governmental body then i don't wish to know anything about it, but if it's an independant association then i'd like to know more. It's funny that it's for woman only , i wonder what kind of activities they cover in the uk?

can you send me their website please?
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8 May 2008 11:39
I haven't head of them either but will try to ask around. It is a bit strange that is women only!!!!!!
In love this sounds great, please I would like to join to.

13 May 2008 16:55
I have heard of them & apparently they doing well ,i do not think they have any royal connection .......
13 May 2008 20:38
thanks for you replies; i didn't know of them either, until the bmce bank manager in london mentionned them to me; he said that they were young , 2nd and 3rd generation professional women. i don't think they've got any link with the royalty or governmental body. they're located on goldborne road, in the heart of the moroccan neighborhood. will contact them soon. cheers
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