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happy ramadan
☻◕‿◕☻ [ PM ]
6 August 2011 13:00
salam alaykoum

today also marks the six days of Ramadan – the holy month of fasting. I wish all my brother and sisters in Islam faith a Happy

Ramadan. may Allah grant you the humbleness and strength to let you last the whole month through.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>

سبحانك ربى لااله الا انت عليك توكلت وانت رب العرش العظيم
Kabi101 [ PM ]
12 August 2011 21:52
Thanks a lot sister

Ramadan Moubarik to all of you.

it's almost the half of it and seems it's running fast Smiling Smiley
Inspiration- [ PM ]
14 August 2011 00:40
Thank you happy Ramadan to you too!
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