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divorce lawyer
30 October 2018 20:28
I am looking for a good divorce lawyer in Marrakech, Does anyone have any recommendations? Your help would be very appreciated,
Thank you
30 October 2018 20:39
Hi englishgirl,

I'm afraid that you will not have any answer about this matter in this website.

A big part of the persons writing here are from France ..
Je ne parle pas aux hommes . Pas de messages privés. Merci.
30 October 2018 20:47
do you actually need an english speaking lawyer in marrakech ?
30 October 2018 22:03
Try to have a mediation, it is better than a lawyer (less expensive, faster..)
31 October 2018 17:59
yes preferably english speaking lawyer
31 October 2018 18:00
what do you mean by mediation ?
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