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Canada : A Moroccan flight student crashes in a small plane
sumpthiscom [ MP ]
7 septembre 2019 08:04
Something pilots should know about their aircraft fuel tanks is that undetectable water can go undetected during a proper preflight of the aircraft. Pilots ask yourself how often you have witnessed any water in your sump cup during the preflight. Not seeing any evidence of water in your sump cup could mean the fuel tank is storing the water. This particular flaw is very apparent in Cessna aircraft and both the FAA and NTSB have known about this flaw for decades but do nothing. Although this particular accident may not be related to this flaw, please consider this post as a heads-up. Google Cessna 150 or Cessna 152 fuel tank tests, FAA Safety Recommendations 99.283 and 99.284, NTSB Safety Recommendation A-83-6 and SAIB CE-10-40R1.
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