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busses from Agadir to Morocco
thewhale [ PM ]
21 February 2010 14:05

I'm flying to Agadir on Tue 23rd and want to meet a friend of mine in Marrakech the same evening (I booked my flight before making plans with her). I'm arriving at 8.30am and would like to be in Marrakech by late afternoon, do you think that's possible, or is it too short-term?
If it's possible, which bus companies can you recommend me, and how do I reach them? And if not, can you recommend me any good hostel for the night?

Thanks a lot for your help! Btw, is it possible to hitchhike in Morocco?

Thanks again!
sid1007 [ PM ]
21 February 2010 15:48
There are some good hotels at Agadir and you have more infomations by google..anyway...for me I have booked and get a good times at IBIS - moussafir - it was fun and no more expensive than others hotels..

You may reach Marakech by taxi or bus..;you can have more information by connecting information desk or morrocan people at the airport.

Have a good time in morroco..
meadowgrass [ PM ]
21 February 2010 20:34
Hi! Yes, its possible. I did the same trip a month ago just from Marrakesh to Agadir. I would recommend you to take Supratour bus from Agadir bus station. It takes 4-5 hours to get to Marrakesh.
Good luck!
amINnewyork [ PM ]
22 February 2010 01:53

Supratours is good agency to travel with, and you also have CTM, which a very famous company and I traveled many years with CTM, very reliable, safe.

If you reach Agadir at 8;30 am, you have like 1:30 to leave the airport, which is located very far from the city like 30mns driving, you need to take a cab from there will cost you 150dhs at least. There is no bus connecting the airport to the city. CTM and other buses are located in the bus central station a Elmassira, you want to ask your taxi driver to take you straight so you can buy a ticket for the next bus. If you take a bus of 1pm you will be in Marrakesh by 5 before sunset.
I won't recommend you hitchhiking in Morocco, it's not like in the 70's, and not safe as it used to be.

Almoussafir hotel is my favourite as well not too expensive for what they offer, clean, awesome breakfast included. Well located, near the big market in Agadir, it's a chain, and you can find it in every city in Morocco.

Have a nice stay in Morocco and if you have any questions please ask.
LeMask [ PM ]
6 March 2010 04:06
Hitchhicking is not an option for a tourist...

Maybe if you know the language, the area... well, you have to know your stuff very well.

If you look a foreigner or just a city type person, forget that...
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