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Anyone from Long Island, new york
10 June 2008 06:31
hi, im moroccan i live in long Island New York, 5 mn from jones beach i heared that there is some moroccans live around here but i dont know anyone. i hope have a moroccan freinds to chare some good moments from time to time.
thank you
10 June 2008 22:42
yes I heard some Moroccan family live in LI, and some of them have even an ITALIAN RESTAURANT, I don't know exactly which county maybe it's Nassau, to tell you the truth I don't know them personnaly and I heard also, PC Richards store in LI hired many Moroccans, take a chance and go ask for them!
A Tanja ya 3aleya... 3aleya be sewariha....aye layellah...
11 June 2008 03:51
NYorkaise thank you for your informations i live in nassau county, there is lot of ITALIAN RESTAURANTS here and there is PC Richards near my home i wll ask and hopfully find someone.
thank you again
11 June 2008 15:44
You're Welcome khouyasmiling smiley and try in Queens borough, there are many Moroccan people there, if you don't mind do you live and work/study in LI too?
A Tanja ya 3aleya... 3aleya be sewariha....aye layellah...
14 June 2008 04:49
i moved from morocco 10 months ago i joined my fiancee here in long island actully im helping my father-in-low in his business and i wll start preparing an Master degree next september. where do you live in NY?
14 June 2008 23:37
Queens, Forest Hills,
A Tanja ya 3aleya... 3aleya be sewariha....aye layellah...
7 September 2008 22:42
hello !! in sunnyside queens .
8 September 2008 15:38
Hi New Yorkers

I'm from brooklyn, NY. There are plenty of moroccans in Brooklyn but I don't know any.
14 September 2008 20:28
Yes they're some moroccans living in Long Island Ny,

I live in Commack Suffolk County New york, if you need to reach me you can contact me via e-mail : [email protected]
I also know some moroccans living in West Islaip, Dear park and west babylon.
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