Did u see this ?
atlasmagic [ PM ] [ ]
August 21, 2008 11:34AM

Hicham_A [ PM ] [ ]
August 21, 2008 03:09PM
Salam Atlas,

I think the vid is quoted from a complete programme on Aljazeera on which she was easily refuted by someone..Telquel also published dialogue in whiwh she claimed she read the Quran and the exegesis but she made a terrible mistake by quoting a verse from the coran and giving a personal explanation and reacting uopn it, which shows her ignorance of such islamic branches.. her position as many anti-islamic "figures" lies on hatred of Islam and of arab culture and she mixes between the two by trying to give her feelings a scientific cover..who knows she might have been beaten when she was a child or abused...

"The true traveller is without goal, it is the absence of goals which creates the ultimate traveller."Gao Xingjian 'Soul Mountain'
youssefjar [ PM ] [ ]
August 21, 2008 09:33PM
quiet impressive, who is this woman, her arabic is perfect.
August 26, 2008 01:32PM
does she know what she is pronouncing eye popping smiley? i cant belive it
Hicham_A [ PM ] [ ]
August 26, 2008 02:38PM
She doesn't, she just happen to be in a time when everyone insulting Islam is listened to, if you look for the complete program on youtube you will see how ridiculous she was ...

"The true traveller is without goal, it is the absence of goals which creates the ultimate traveller."Gao Xingjian 'Soul Mountain'
chelhman [ PM ] [ ]
September 02, 2008 11:49AM
Hi Hicham_A,

She's only saying out loud and in a very articulate way what a lot of people are thinking, she maybe excessive but when you're pissed at the status quo, you can be forgiven for being excessive.
Hicham_A [ PM ] [ ]
September 02, 2008 12:33PM
Hi Chelhman,

Sure everyone is free to express him/herself as he/she wants,but what she is doing is giving herself a traditional/jurisdictional/ credibility by claiming she knows the quran & the exegesis, and i explained why it is contradictory in my former posts. Also, she juts prostitutes herself to a certain kind of media in a time she happens to be solicited... Remember when the pope made his historical declaration about Islam, well, even if he didn't know what he was talking about, he did it in a certain "respectful" academic way, without being rude, or disrespectful, and muslim scholars respond in academic way too (see example Hamza yusuf on youtube or videogoogle broadening the scope of the pope), she could write a book and stop jumping in front of cameras...what she is selling is hatred and no scientific point of view and she wants to give her feelings an academic cover...

"The true traveller is without goal, it is the absence of goals which creates the ultimate traveller."Gao Xingjian 'Soul Mountain'
yemaya [ PM ] [ ]
September 02, 2008 01:23PM
Salam and Ramadan Moubarak!!

I was shocked when I heard her talking that way about Islam, I think she is a lebanese or syrian !

This is awful, what makes me sad that she is using verses from Quran, and telling lies !

Allah yhdeena !
chelhman [ PM ] [ ]
September 02, 2008 01:33PM

I think her speech concerns more Arabs than islam itself, one little detail almost never mentioned is that Arabs are a minority in the muslim world, the biggest muslim country is Indonesia, not an arab country.
The main misunderstanding comes from that, people automatically assume muslim=arab or vice versa.
Arab countries have a serious problem when it comes to women's rights, she says so when mentioning the phrase "ya3malou al mar'ha kal bahima", you can't deny it's true.
Morocco is a special case, we're ahead but still lagging behind western standards.
Also, she doesn't put forward any academic credentials other than her psychology studies, she never said she was an expert in muslim theology. But then again, since we don't have a clergy, everyone's an expert, the scriptures are left to the believers to interpret.
I didn't feel offended, I don't think she's selling hatred, I think she's a breath of fresh air, like Irshad Manji is when she calls for a renewal of the ijtihad.
Like I said before, she is excessive but in a general atmosphere where we're choking with medieval logic and behavior, I don't mind her excesses, I'd rather have people like her giving us a big jolt from time to time than watch us sink further and further. The fact that her speech is exploited by hate mongerers in the western world is to be expected, that doesn't take away the core essence of what she says, she's just spelling out what we all know, the question is : are we going to admit it ?
Hicham_A [ PM ] [ ]
September 02, 2008 02:20PM
Salam Chelhman,

i have seen other videos and other articles and debates in which she participated, that's why you seem to rely only on the video posted here...

Well, we are supposed to know our societies quite well, and i can say worse about it, worse than she usually says, but can she be a bit creative and productive, the problem has nothing to do with religion or culture, there is no fatalism in this sense..second,i don't agree with this position that regard the west as an example, the same position always talks about women 's rights and the alleged ties with ethnic origin or religion; what about human rights? they are not respected because we don't regard ourselves as humans ???...there can be lots of explanations, all plausible, but not those repeated every morning in european news briefs...the point of view can change, we can give political explanations, sociological, historical...

Anyway, it is not about me admitting what she says, it is about credibility, and she is not credible at all, neither her ideas, nor they way she expresses them are ...

"The true traveller is without goal, it is the absence of goals which creates the ultimate traveller."Gao Xingjian 'Soul Mountain'
adds [ PM ] [ ]
September 03, 2008 01:29AM
one can see that her speech was learnt by heart and just recycled back. Perhaps she had bad childhood as it was sad; I feel sorry for her.

May Allah give her peace in her heart instead of hate.

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