life is stressful !!!
rosette1 [ PM ] [ ]
August 08, 2007 06:09PM
everybody get stressed it is inevitable, leading a stressful life weakens the immune system and in some cases could cause some major health complications, my question is :what do you do to beat stress?
in theorie we all know these colourful methods but does it work in practice ?????personnaly when stress takes over i just carry on getting stressed even i know it s not good for my health, it is unctrollable specially when things go wrong at work sad smiley
even writing about stress made stressed now oufffff smiling smiley
Minniemouse [ PM ] [ ]
August 08, 2007 06:32PM
Hi rosette1, you're right! we all get stressed there is no doubt! today more than in the past. It's absolutely ridiculous that people are leading a poor quality life and getting sick when technology and science made everything easily accessible and when medicine has developped to its best isn't it? when i think about it, i wish i had belonged to another time, or born in a small village (but prosperous not starving lol) where i wouldn't have to do much except perhaps working in a field, planting seeds and eating fresh food and clean water and enjoying the sun...wishful thinking of course smiling smiley
but this also tells me that there is nothing better than returning to the source, nature is the key, or so i believe at least! so to answer your question, when i get stressed, and god knows i do a lot, i take a break (even if it's 1 day) and i detox completely! no TV, no car, no trains, i go running in the park for a couple of hours, come back home, make a healthy breakfast and then go for a walk, i like wandering in the markets, soaking up the nice smells and the colours, then sit down in a terrace and have a drink while reading a book..when i get home, i cook a nice meal, i love cooking and i sometimes spend hours creating and innovating dishes, it really relaxes me. Then i run a bath and i indulge in it until it gets cold lol. By this time, i am totally exhausted so i go straight to bed and i sleep like a baby. sounds good??

However, i don't always have the luxury to take breaks because my job is very busy so i try to take the maximum out of my weekends and enjoy myself. I like exercising (yoga is perfect for stress!!), painting, playing music and i try to go to the cinema or a concet at least once a month.

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rosette1 [ PM ] [ ]
August 08, 2007 06:48PM
minniemouse , just reading what you wrote made me imagine nature , waterfalls , swans in the park, the sun rays , the little breeze... smiling smiley i agree with you about taking time to chill out , relax and enjoy little things in life but what i am talking about is when you are at work , and the computer system is down , the phone is ringing , you have to meet some dead lines , meetings , .........the stress takes over, at that moment in time it is so difficult to control stress and tension,
i think it s ok to get stressed at work but we haqve to learn to switch off it as soon as we leave the work place , it took me long time to learn that.
Minniemouse [ PM ] [ ]
August 08, 2007 11:55PM
oh i see what you mean now, sorry! but i'm glad my ideas took you on a bit of a fantasy smiling smiley

well at my work it can get very hectic, too hectic in fact that i sometimes don't realise i'm being stressed out! and in these cases there isn't much i can do except as you said carry on through the day until i'm drained and exhausted! luckily at my work the atmosphere is really cool and people are all vry friendly and flexible, so if someone sees that you are on the border of a nervous breakdown, they go and make you a cup of tea and help you sort things out if you're having problems. The reverse also works for me, when it gets too heavy and i feel that i'm on the verge of screaming or slamming down the phone, i go and make coffee for everyone or i go down to the coffee shop and get drinks and cakes, that 10 mn break does you an amazing lot of good! we also have a small group of joggers who run everyday during lunch breaks so i join them whenever i feel the need and usually i feel much lighter and sharper in the afternoon! I also listen to music which makes boring tasks that don't require the use of my brain quite pleasant sometimes! and of course i left the best for last grinning smiley when it all gets unbearable and i have the choice between murdering someone or jumping out of the window, well i disconnect from the real world and log on to yabi for a good session of chit chat a la marocaine and so far it's the best therapy for me to fight stress at work (tm)
rosette1 [ PM ] [ ]
August 09, 2007 12:29AM
minnie mouse i invented a new way to warn people at work to leave me alone when i am stressed i put a sign and i wrote on it: i have one nerve left don t get on it smiling smiley
i guess stress is part of life nowadays we just need to learn how to deal with it .