Egypt rules on TV women's scarves
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July 07, 2005 05:43PM
Three women TV presenters in Egypt have won a landmark ruling that allows them to wear Muslim headscarves on air.

The presenters complained they had been discriminated against because the state broadcaster banned their wearing them.

Officials argued the presenters had not worn headscarves when recruited and changing their appearance contravened the terms of their employment.

But the court said that the ban violated the women's constitutional rights. The government may appeal.

Although the vast majority of television presenters in Egypt do not wear headscarves, Egyptian women have increasingly adopted Islamic dress codes since the 1980s.

How long do we have to wait before Moroccan women are aloud to wear head scarves on TV???

"How long do we have to wait before Moroccan women are aloud to wear head scarves on TV???"

I think as long as it takes to allow who really need that scarve to protect their heads from the scorching sun, or the chilling coming winter, from not having a roof over their heads.

For god's sake, wake up people, there are thowsands of children dying from hungre, and desease, specially in Africa. I can't even imagine how painful it is to watch one's child starving, and not be able to do anything about it.
These are the issues that muslim nations should concentrate their efforts and resorces on, then worry about the dresse code later whene basic necessities are all taken care of:poverty, hunger, desease, and analfabatism.
In some, be a muslim at heard first, and the rest will follow automatically.

Just my humble opinion.
Assalamo 3alikom,

Dear racines,

Thank you for sharing with us your point of view, but let me tel you that nothing of what you have mentioned could ever be acheived without social justice.

If the rich and currupt authorities continue steal the peoples rights then no matter how much money you give them it's never ever going the reach the poor and neeedy people.

If you have seen the news recently you would have noticed what happened in ithiopia and zimbabwe...

The social justice is the first thing that must be acheived in our country, people need to feel respected and that they have a say in what is happening in their country.

We all had enough of the west (remotely controling a currupt systems) that is dictating our way of life and how we should behave, what we should wear, what we should eat and drink, what we should wach on TV ....

It's time to wake up to what realy matters and stop just following what the odrer have though us to say, let's think for ourselves for GOD's sake!

You are telling me about takling povrety, the only way to acheive that is if All the rich people (including the King) in Morocco paid the zakat, and not by by just giving then a bowl of soup in front of cameras once a year.


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Look, I agree with both of you.

But Moroccans will not achieve anything, in my view, until they take responsibility for themselves! Don't blame the west. Yes, colonialism continues - but what are you, Moroccans, doing about it??? If someone won't give you your rights you need to organise and get them yourselves. Don't say ' allowed to wear headscarves', say instead - exercise their right and obligation to wear headscarves.

I have seen so many people disempowered and depressed and going on and on about the west. I have had enough of this. The west is not the source of all evil, it is a powerful force but ultimately Shaitan is the source of evil, and that exists on both sides. If Moroccans exercised their rights and organised, no one could stop them as they are an unstoppable force if they only had some independant thinking and sense of what is right, not what they can get away with. If your leaders are corrupt, and this goes for the problems in other African countries, then for God's sake don't sit around letting them harm others and yourselves - do SOMETHING!!!
I'm not saying emigrate or start a revolution either. I'm saying organise and start projects that enable people to live their lives with hope and decency and inshallah Islamic values on all levels. It's not just abotu the headscarf!!! Bribery, a culture of lies and distrust, and that constant envy of 'the west' or wishing for an 'easy life' (that others of course already have) saps the life out of this country so it can never start anythign new. It's not by becoming 'western' or 'anti-western' that Morocco can progress. Life is not a coin with only two sides!!

Organise in groups to help people, start companies that employ those in distress and have Islamic conduct within them. Dn't accept corruption from leaders. If the power sources in a country have Islamic values, then these will quickly catch on as popular behaviour in the street, inshallah, ie. if you have to a be a Muslim wearing headscarf and praying 5 times a day to get a good job then you may find that suddenly Islam is very much back in fashion, inshallah. (And I don't think a superficial Islam is the answer either, but it is a start rather than a situation that discourages piety).

Helping other peoples would also be a great thing. It's a fundamental precept in Islam that you don't let your neighbour starve.

Try working with the west not against it, using Islamic values and giving people a bit of hope other than emigration.

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Well said Laure21.

Keeping blaming the WEST is not an excuse anymore for to stay in this situation. We need to get our priorities right. We need education first and not JUST islamic education. Islam is part of our life and one day we should be able to be ruled by Islam but I don't think we are ready for that...we need basic and universal respecting the LAW, eventhough many don't!
I have known people who are 'ikhwaniyin' and they don't pay taxes or VAT and they trade in goodes that are 'smuggled' from abroad!!!!! how can you justify this? we need to STOP believing in the idea that JUST because you are 'seen' to be a good muslim gives the right to behave in any way you wish...this is WRONG!

As a good moslem you should respect the rule of law where you live and you should respect others even if their opinions are different from theirs.

And above all be honest with yourself and with others.....

Assalamu aleikum,

Thank-you mcherifi, yes, it's not about just appearing to be good, and just because you are 'Muslim' doesn't mean then that anythign you do is a good thing, it has to be informed by the religion and Allah ta-ala's guidance, inshallah.And that's where being honest comes in as well, your right.

But I think that Muslim people should consider themselves already ruled by Islam, and should learn Islam first as children, as well as their other education. I just wish all the Muslims of the world would actually read the Quran, not just parts of it picked out by someone else to prove a point. Inshallah if they did the would see what it says and hopefully apply it to themselves. Because so many things that are causing the Ummah a lot of problems (and everyone else at times as well) could be solved in this way, inshallah, if people were willing to apply it to themselves.

But I've seen a lot of people just talking about how bad the non-believers are, then cheating them, stealing from them, and treating them very badly. If Muslims followed their religion they would be unstoppable, inshallah.

Like for example those Egyptian presenters - they had to struggle for their right, but they won alhamdolillah. People have a lot of power they don't realise, and all power is with Allah ta ala.

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I think it’s good that these presenters succeeded in their fight to wear their headscarves, but I hope that the rights of the ones who choose not to wear headscarves, will also be respected by religious leaders.

Assalamo 3alikom,

of course brother almotanabi smiling smiley,

The almighty Allah has said in sourat al baqara
256. "Let there be no compulsion in religion"

No one is allowed to force people into Islam so what could we say about forcing wemen to wear headscarves, it's just out of question.

Just sometimes they have to fight for their right to wear them, as a parallel example to France's stance on this issue.
Violate human right to practice religion, in order to avoid decrimination based upon visible signs of group belonging within their society, or some such argument.

I think the only way people get their rights sometimes is by standing up for themselves, not by sitting around waiting for them to be given to them.