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Sujets sur forum salma49
can you help me?
27 May 2009 à 17:15
hi there again the writing in my pc is too small how can i make it bigger i hardly read ...Suite
windows live messenger
27 May 2009 à 17:14
:(hi everyone did you miss me?:D i ve just come back from a short break holiday in spainB) how are you all well i ve got a slight problem with my msn as i got a new pc i wanted to download the ...Suite
love from the first sight
19 May 2009 à 17:50
hello love is a very big word it s got a lot of different meanings:L: but do we the new generation still believe in ...Suite
cosmetic surgeries
19 May 2009 à 15:19
hi again most people prefer to go under the knife than using cosmetic products to make them look good or to repair scares in their bodies the stars are number one in the list so is it always ...Suite
driving cars
19 May 2009 à 15:01
hi the majority of people dont drive safely and this behaviour could cause some very dangerous consequences what do you ...Suite
the internet
19 May 2009 à 10:40
hi everybody uses the net:sos: but we never talk about it how do you use it do you find it ...Suite
caftan 2009
15 May 2009 à 17:40
i personaly like it very much have you watched it yet? well if you havent you can watch it now its on 2m ...Suite
15 May 2009 à 15:03
hi we all know that practicing sports or as we say(exercising) is very important for our health to keep us fit,healthy and always motivated and thinking optimistically so,how often do you ...Suite
week ends
15 May 2009 à 12:39
hi week ends are meant to be for relaxing and recharging your batteries before starting another week of work:A: so,how and where do you spend your week ...Suite
aghany zaman (arabic music)
14 May 2009 à 17:42
claasic music never dies old song of great singers like oum khalthoum,3abd el halim hafid,3abd el wahab... what do you ...Suite
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