You already speak English you!! Go and learn chinese now :D i understand everything you write here, but still difficult to me to discuss with you every ...Suite
Re: Friday fun
28 April 2008 à 10:22
azul, as i have read read your interventions i feel that i find great people with whome i can discuss topics.But now you are shocking me with your reply which meant to degrade and ...Suite
Re: Friday fun
26 April 2008 à 20:47
azul, atlass plesae stop those silly contributions, we are not allowed to make fun by using our religion as a tool.this is a jewish method used to attack islam and use people like ...Suite
Re: Friday fun
25 April 2008 à 18:23
LOL, it's true that it would be priceless...if only it were real :D Have a nice weekend ...Suite
You already speak English you!! Go and learn chinese now ...Suite
Re: Couscous Tfaya
25 April 2008 à 14:51
Les filles, vous etes trop sympas! Merci mille fois ...Suite
Re: Name on passport
25 April 2008 à 14:48
Blimey! they'll be mad to do that! what sort of law says you can't keep your national passport?? that's like robing you of your identity!! i will call the home office to enquire about this and let ...Suite
Yes true! it's just a shame you can't listen to all the accents LOL ...Suite
Re: attijarinet
25 April 2008 à 13:59
Pourquoi tu n'appelerais-pas ta banque tout simplement pour leur ...Suite
Re: Couscous Tfaya
25 April 2008 à 13:32
Merci Imane :) Il ne me reste plus que la recette ...Suite
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