Thanks Shireen, there aren't any around here, I have looked... any other ...Suite
Thank-you all for your interesing ideas! My kids speak english, and am I am tryign to teach them french and arabic so they have their heritage as well, inshallah. It's difficult though as my ...Suite
A bit late in the discussion, but well said Chelham about the need for some Muslim intrspection and a little less 'arab' superiority = inferiority complex... I'm fed up to the gills ...Suite
I don't think we should give up too soon... but I think the Muslim countries have a long way to come with getting rid of corruption and abuses of human rights as well... America is going to have ...Suite
Salaams, merci moh tsu pour ce texte qui donne de l'espoir! T'as oublie a inclure le destin aussi comme contributeur pour un amour durable : ) Quant a la religion, ca depend ...Suite
Salaams, I can't believe the arrogance of what I'm hearing! Do you think a woman, brought up with resoect and love, and given the choice of a productive life and economic independence, ...Suite
Bien dit... mais tout depend de le 'ex' en question! S'il essaie toujours a endommager ma vie et la vie de ses enfants, alors, il n'y a aucune chance de pouvoir etre amicable avec ...Suite
well done! I just wish more people knew ...Suite
Santa is turning into a religion, but quite hard to get away from ...Suite
Sorry webmaster, I don't know any moroccans over here personally, but I think 'fossil' lives here, as does 'Ilhem2' (I think I have their pseudos right). Australia is a ...Suite
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