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i'm moroccan, but i'm living in new zealand my brother lives in dublin, if you want to contact him, i'll tell him ...Suite
hey proudly moroccan i went one time to south africa( johannesburg), and really, to be honest with u, it was horrible for me,,, NO SECURITY AT ALL! i was afraid even from taking taxi.......... i ...Suite
hey guys! what the hell is DC?? didn't get it at all ...Suite
salam skycity! i'm originally from fes, oh yeah it's so damn cold! how's auckland? hope that everything is all right hey hey, i never met moroccans here new zealand, where can i ...Suite
what i hate the most, is that A LOT of people aren't honst at ...Suite
hey there! i'm also moroccan and living in new zealand! how cool, cuz i've just posted a forum to meet moroccans living here :=) when did u move ...Suite
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2m Radio + Yabiladi.com
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15 juin 1990
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6 juin 2010 14:55
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8 sept. 2010 18:25