My Moroccan pas and ID is not valid any longer and hasn't bIen for a very long time, both my kids are not registred either, why ? Because last time I was there I swear that I ...Suite
Hi people pay tax to get other things in return, people refuse to pay tax cause they don´t get any thing in returne. is true we will never go further with this mentality, but i know people who ...Suite
Hi Moroccan police had to give you hard time, what do you expect. that is the beauty of Morocco. As soon as you get out of the airport everything will be forgotten, and you can start enjoying ...Suite
Hi JTP Moroccco is different to other countries, when it comes to citisenchip. when you are born Moroccan, what ever nationality you gonna get later on in your life, morocan will always be ...Suite
is always easy to blame others.. won´t cost a thing and make you feel good for a while. We keep saying people dont do, people dont care ...bla bla ... who are those Moroccan people, they start ...Suite
You can not campere Morocco to Tunisia.. is easy to handle 3 million than 30 million, is easy to sweep a floor as big as casablance. as you can not campere USA to Danmark, Danmark is cleaner ...Suite
Acctualy I like the Moroccan system, cause it form Student with so many skills, of course over the half we don´t use in our professionel life. but we have to addmit that one educated Moroccan have ...Suite
Re: Brainstorming
19 juillet 2007 à 15:29 [Morocco # English board]
hi kutchia You were asking about why we are attached to the french, well there 2 big countries were known in Africa and Asia as an occupiers country "France and Britain". the ...Suite
Hi for women to live alone is matter of choice, I guess lot of Moroccan women now lives alone or want to live alone to get more freedom and get away from parents and brothers question where were ...Suite
en fait, t as de la chance car on t as donner quelques informations ici, moi personne n a pu m aider, sauf quelques unes dont je cite brunette, que j aime bien et ...Suite
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