assalamo 3alaikom, Baraka allaho fik frere Mohamed, J'ai poste un petit text sur le meme sujet dans le forum ...Suite
Assalamo 3alikom, You are right brother almotanabi, we certainly hold very diffrent opinions from each other, and each one of us thinks that his vision of Morocco is better than the other ...Suite
Assalamo 3ala man itaba3a al hoda, It seems that some people are still confused in this forum. ISLAM IS A DINE(way of life) NOT JUST A RELIGION, Islam is way of life, Islam is not just how we ...Suite
Assalamo 3alikom, Jazaka allaho khairan pour ce lien tres ...Suite
Assalamo 3alikom, of course brother almotanabi :), The almighty Allah has said in sourat al baqara 256. "Let there be no compulsion in religion" No one is allowed to force ...Suite
Assalamo 3alikom, Brother almotanabi, I agree with the fact that democraty is a slow process and that Casablanca, New York, Jeddah, Madrid, London, Vietnam, palestine, iraq, afganistan, ...Suite
Assalamo 3alikom, Yes brother mcherifi as I have said many times in the past the only way to protect ourselves from fanatisism is to educate ourselves and the people around us (including our kids) ...Suite
Assalamo 3alikom, See brother almotanabi it's always like that, we are all for democraty and blabla but when the people want to choose some one outside the main stream political ...Suite
Assalamo 3alikom, Brother Almotanabi to like or hate Nadia Yassine is not the point, I am just trying to explain that Morocco is still a long way behind the UK in terms of freedom of speach. I ...Suite
Assalamo 3alikom, The London tragedy is appauling and no sain humain being could rejoice from this tragedy, but we must not miss the bigger picture... Violence triggers only violence it's ...Suite
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