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what r ur dreams..?
kolchi_bekher [ PM ]
24 October 2007 21:45
hello everybody..Smiling Smiley

i m so glad to be in this forum ..and i was wondering what can i do to like ...know each other more and u and discuss about different stuff
so i came up with thisGrinning smiley

so why don t everyone talk about his dreams :

what do u wanna do with ur life ?what s the life that u wanna have ?
job?career?? about marriege (why not ) ..what s ur ideal husband/wife like...?etc ...

can t wait to read ur answers peopleGrinning smiley
take care all and hope to hear from u soon (tm)
kolchi_bekher [ PM ]
24 October 2007 22:13
come on
no one want to answer ...Sleeping
u know just talk about any thing u want i mean answer any question of those i asked Perplexe
shushita [ PM ]
26 October 2007 22:32
why don't start the thing? (tm)
let us us know u and then things will be easier for others
the floo is ursClap
kolchi_bekher [ PM ]
26 October 2007 23:28
gosh ...sorry ...
pff sometimes i act stupid Grinning smiley
well....i would like to study computer science ...probably finish my studies in a foreign country ...
but i know i would get back here to morocco at the end no matter what ...
i hope ill get a job ..something that i like to do ...
i like art too ...hope i ll do something related to that ...such as a cloths disigner maybe(i m just dreaming here)
i hope i ll be rich too...Grinning smiley rich like oprah winfrey boss of my self ....and bossing other people around (and i know that wouldn t happen cause i just spend all my time surfing on net doing nothing important )
okay ..more down to earth dreams ...: having my own family ...having a job i like ...having kids...stuff like that

now it s ur turn ....shushitaClap

shushita [ PM ]
27 October 2007 21:00
well, sounds like u spend ur time dreaming and it's good. everything starts with a dream first then when it comes true we dream of other things and so on.
okay, i dream to continue my higher studies here in us, then go back to my country and have a better position than i already have. i also dream to be surrounded by intellectual people from whom i will learn and they will give me a push to be more knowledgeable.
what else, i don't dream of having more money than i need. i want to leave a very comfortable life and be able to give my children the best education they need inchallah coz i venerate education like all moroccans i guess (tm). last but not least, i dream of travelling inside morocco first to knoow all the wonderful places we actually have but which other people know and we, moroccans , don't. then, go and visit other countries starting with Tunisia
I think these are all my dreams for the moment, i don't know if i will realize all of them, but nothing is impossiblespinning smiley sticking its tongue out
that's all for now

take care
utopia7 [ PM ]
5 November 2007 11:10
I share with you something : travelling inside Morocco to discover all the natural beauties, from the north to the southest point.

But the most appealing dream I have right now is to find a good woman to marry.
codem35 [ PM ]
7 November 2007 11:19
my dream is to invest in morocco, ,Smoking smiley to contribute in the progress of my country and of course travel the world i am passionate about traveling Smoking smiley
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