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I want to come Morocco
kalashahkaku [ PM ]
24 October 2008 20:27
Hi, I am a Pakistani national living in UK from last couple of years due to work. I am in love with a Moroccon girl and want to come Morocco to meet this girl. I have applied for the visa 2 times from London but did not get any reply back. I am wondering if there is any restriction for the Pakistani pepople nationals or person like me travelling alone to see this girl. I mentioned in the visa application form that I am going to see this girl.

I have spoken to Moroccon consulate many times but they say that they will get visa approval from Morocco and then they will issue me this visa. can anyone advise me why there is delay?

LeMask [ PM ]
24 October 2008 21:13
Dude, keep as much information as you can when you are dealing with governments... Give them important informations... Personnal stuff like "I'm going there to see a girl." Will only get your trouble...

If some racist person takes your file, you will be dusted off...

My advice is to try to go to Morroco as a tourist...

"I want to go to your country to see a girl." can give you trouble... You have to be aware that the country have problems with such things... Think about sex tourism... And such...

But "I want to see your beautiful country, make pictures, try your local meals, spend my foreign money..." Is always welcome...

Think again pal...

And by the way, nobody will put your in prison if you forgot to mention that you are there to see a girl.

And please check with the ambassy of Morocco... I'm not sure that you need a visa to visit our country... I think that a valid passport is enough...

My french friends came to see me in Morroco many times, and all they had to do is check their passports...

Visas are needed if you want to stay a long time...
24 October 2008 21:34
Hi Mohamed - it's not because you are Pakistani you did not get a reply from my dear homies but only because you are travelling alone. You need a “mehrem” ptdr
Just kidding…who knows! Moroccan embassies are well known by their nonchalance.

Good luck to you.
kalashahkaku [ PM ]
24 October 2008 21:42
Thanks for you reply....

Infact; I have filed 2 applications. The first application I filed was 4 months back and in that application, I did mention that I am going to see my girl friend there. Consulate in London after 2 months reponded to me that they cannot locate or track my application and they asked me to file a new application.

So 2 months back, I filed another application. In this application, I mentioned everything same, with all my job documents, bank statements. In short, every thing they mentioned, I provided. Now it is the end of 2nd month and still there is no news about VISA.

As a Pakistani national, I do need VISA to visit Morocco. I am wondering, what actually delaying this VISA?
adds [ PM ]
24 October 2008 23:39
The same reason that almost got me killed in East ham in 1989; when I was dating this gorgeous Pakistani girl and her family chaste me all the way to forest gate. After that she had to have pregnancy test and reported me harassing her to the police. They only saw me with her a couple of times.
The embassy Men are telling you something very quietly but loud enough for your hearing aid. Take a hint Morocco is a Muslim country and we do respect our mothers, sisters and the neighbourhood girls (7khirna yabekh2a lina) . HeuBye

Adds adds jazz but never subtract music
Sebou3 [ PM ]
28 October 2008 17:03
adds got it right. I believe you are a muslim and you should be smart enough to know that there is no boyfriend girlfriend in a muslim country, and by the way, Morocco is one of the muslim countries.

We still respect our religion and culture and the notion of girlfriend and boyfriend is a hush-hush thing.

So do not go to the Embassy or Consulte of a Muslim country such as Morocco and tell them, I am a foreigner and I would like to take your fellow moroccan girl for a dinner and a party. You can do that with the British or US consulate but not with the Moroccan or Pakistani consulate.
whatsup [ PM ]
1 November 2008 00:07
excuse me guys , Moroccan embassy is not a fatwa house whats that got to do with them if he is going to see a girl that he likes and may be if they get a long they get engaged and have a life together
Moroccan women are free to marry other nationalities it is a personal choice as long as she is over 18 years
the people working in the moroccan embassy in london are really useless
in my opinion when you sent your application send it registered post or by courier that you get proof of delivery
it does not matter if you write in your application if you are going tourist or to see your fiancee or to get engaged or see friends
It is true that when you applied they have to get some sort of approval from foreign ministry it is a slow process but i am sure you ll get a reply soon just keep phoning asking for an update
kalashahkaku [ PM ]
2 November 2008 13:38
Thanks "Whatsup" for understanding my position.

I was trying to simply ask, what to do If I want to meet this girl and my intentions are to marry her. But that can only possible when I meet her or her family.

I have been told by Embassy that because 8 weeks are over and Embassy has not receivevd approval, that means my 2nd application has been declined as well.
LeMask [ PM ]
2 November 2008 21:54
whatsup, you are damn right...

but still... there is people in these ambassies and they have prejudice and such... They can throw paper work if they dont like it...

It's like me in my former job... when a client was rude with the staff... his package comes late for some reason... I dont know why... ptdr honest!


you have to understand what is corruption... you take a cop, you give him a power to do his duty...

Like a pistol and the right to arrest people...

but in a corrupt environnement, the pistol and right to arrest people turns into a privilege...
so he arrests the people he doesnt like... and let go his friends even when they are criminals...

it's the same system... you give him the duty to accept honest people and to refuse people with problems...

and he will start to take the people he likes and to refuse the people he doesnt...

so my advice is to not bring attention on you...
saha.wsalama [ PM ]
5 November 2008 20:44

Just like you protect your women in your country, our men do the same for us and they take pride of doing so.
I know a family from fes that had a simillar incident with a guy from pakistan that lives in France, he did samething even got engaged to the girl but he never return back to take her with him like he promised, as matter of fact he left her hanging and waitting for him with no hope.
From my understanding the option is not even questionnable in your country or in your culture giving the same situation, infact i lived oversea for 20 years and have never seen a women from your background marring somebody out of her race.
incase of you forgot, morocco is and will always remain a muslim country with its own traditions.
You said "my intentions are to marry her. But that can only possible when I meet her or her family".
You call that being serious? love does not have restrictions or requirements!!!!
Think about what you're saying and Put the shoe in the other foot.
sorry if i am being hursh and i am a very open mind person but my dear those are just facts" we deserve same rights and respect that your women have".
Good luck.
kalashahkaku [ PM ]
5 November 2008 22:31

I am asking suggestions in this forum about my VISA delays and you disscussing womens of Morocco and Pakistan. I don't think If I asked here Fata about Moroccon women, that they are Islamic or cultural or not. But you and few other like you trying to impose their Islamic thinking here.

You sounds quiet racist and infact claiming and confirming that people in Moroccon Embassy do not judge applications on merit, rather they treat VISA application according to their own translation of religion and human rights.

I feel these comments are allegation to a Moroccon people and Moroccon Embassy.

Also by giving example of person married a girl in Morocco and never returned, are you trying to say that each person in this world like this? or 160 million Pakistani man's are like this?

You also trying to tell me that because you have seen while living overseas that "womens from Pakistan don't marry other then Pakistani because of there culture, so Morocco Embassy is doing correct by not allowing me VISA"?

On one hand you saying "love does not have restrictions or requirements!!!!" and on other hand you trying to say that I should not come to Morocco because you have doughts about my honesty.

I don't know where you have wasted 20 years of your life

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tidili63 [ PM ]
10 November 2008 19:13
Dear sir,
Since the famous bombing in Casablanca a few years ago, Morocco is trying to protect itself from terror. Being a Pakistani national and travelling alone to Morocco may raise questions. What the embassy said was right: they have to get the approval from the ministery of foreign affairs. So there is slim chance that your application will be approved.
alximo [ PM ]
14 November 2008 13:24
You should have marked the purpose of your trip to morocco in your visa application: “Tourism”. Applying for a visa for purpose of visiting “girlfriend” in morocco is misleading if I can not say due to some ignorance about the country that you would like to visit (you should have remembered that Morocco is officially a Muslim and conservative country and it is not a Scandinavian state).

I assume that even if you apply for a Visa to go to France, Germany or any other European country and you mention in your visa application that you are going to meet a girl, your visa application wouldn’t pass the first check, and you have to show the respective required papers to get a Visa.

On the humor side, imagine how would be the reaction of a Pakistani consulate staff, if a Moroccan national applies for a visa to Pakistan with purpose of visiting a "girlfriend”? I guess he will be burned in front of the doors of the consulate :-). So the issue here is not racism; but just about procedures and traditions how to apply for a Visa for any country (especially for a Muslim country).
adds [ PM ]
14 November 2008 15:38
Last weeek I have met a group of Pakistanis youth in Marrakech, coming to hook up with young girls as young as fifteen they claimed. They should be ashamed they are tarnishing all of their people with the same color. Their behaviour is disgusting they were drinking them selves to death day and night…then here you come with your “hadiya” of marriage; Pakistani girls are so pretty , they will understand your culture better.Zen
A Paki girl in my opinion is better for a Paki man stick to devil you know. Danse

Adds adds jazz but never subtract music
LeMask [ PM ]
14 November 2008 16:23
adds, what you said is wrong on so many levels...

I'm not in the mood to make a list...

and for the threadstarter... Morrocans are racists... I'm sorry to tell you that, but it's the damn truth.
alximo [ PM ]
14 November 2008 16:34

and what you are saying is not necessarily correct.
we can start talking about racism after filling correctly a visa application form!

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 11/14/2008 04:36 by alximo.
14 November 2008 17:23
I could not hold myself anymore but most responses to this thread are disgusting: some mistake their female fellows with their herd; others, being racist, have the insolence of talking on behalf of Moroccans. Is the mystic Moroccan tolerance down?
alximo [ PM ]
14 November 2008 17:39
I could not hold myself anymore but most responses to this thread are disgusting: some mistake their female fellows with their herd; others, being racist, have the insolence of talking on behalf of Moroccans. Is the mystic Moroccan tolerance down?

2, 3 or 5 opinions do not represent the barometer of Moroccan tolerance!

Probably most of these participants live expats outside Morocco, and you know that nostalgia and homesickness let people behave with chauvinism and aggressively sometimes, with respect to their homeland. Especially when they miss the real “attay bi Likhama” :-). Just put their reactions on these specific and mitigating circumstances…and probably also on the wrong visa-application of our Pakistani friend :-).
adds [ PM ]
15 November 2008 20:17
LeMask, the attention wasn't to offend anyone. I was surprised that the customs have let in so much alcohol in one go. I was wound up time and time at the hotel by this group talking about our sisters that way weather it was true or they were just making it up: They heard my lecture on the topic.
As for my advice to stick with his culture I would say it to Moroccans too.

Adds adds jazz but never subtract music
LeMask [ PM ]
15 November 2008 20:42
adds, you have to wake up for god sake...

Let alcohol in? of course, why not? people want to drink alcohol, they want to get drunk and wasted...

And we make alcohol, you dont know about the beer industry in Casablanca? What about the wineyards all over the kingdom?

Are we talking about the same Morroco? because it looks like I'm the only one talking about the Morroco I know...

We are NOT in a Muslim country... Muslims are a minority in Morroco. Live with it.
Zulfiqar [ PM ]
26 November 2008 05:55
well some1 should help him by giving him a good pc of advise,,,, anyway malik there are two more options to visit there,,1. you can contact any tourisim company they will arrange for you tourist visa and hotel stay as well,, 2. you can contact 5star hotels, recently one of my friend he traveled Morroco via SOFITEL hotel they arranged everything for him but he didn't travel for dating purpose.

I wish you best of luck and hope information will be helpfull.
good.man222 [ PM ]
31 March 2009 04:56
Assalam o alaikum,

I am myself a Pakistani living in England. I was interested in going to Morocco and see a family there. I got an invitation letter from Maroc and applied for the visa and after 3 months got approval from consulate iin london. Went there met the family and got engaged. After few months me and my family went to maroc again and i got married there alhamdulillah.

The moral is not to say i wanna go any where just to see a girl. It is absurd. Being a Muslim and Pakistani I agree with all other ppl here i will not allow any man to coe to my country to see girls. For marriage u need to do something which looks decent also. Anyhow i feel lucky or may be it was Allah's blessing he made everything easier for me. Alhamdulillah................i dont forget to mention i couldnt understand Dareja or french when i met my was Allah's blessing and dua.

hope u got yr answer......

I love my Moroccan family now and she loves her Pakistani family.....Wallilahil hamd....
LeMask [ PM ]
31 March 2009 12:08
good.man222, I'm glad you went through the net... or rather the many nets you could find to reach Morroco to marry a girl.

I'm myself a Muslim, and I think it's a good thing if we Muslims get out of our nations to marry other Muslims...

But it's not the case for everybody in this world. There is racism between Muslims.

There is some differences between a pakistani and a Morrocan. Language and such... like you said, you dont speak french or darija... and even Arabic (like in the Coran) isnt well spoken in Morroco.

An Algerian is "closer" to the Morrocan. They can understand the Darija, and they usually speak french... But even with that, we found a way to be racists with them...

We live in a crazy world. And Racism isnt the only obstacle you could find in your path... Administration can be a problem aswell.

So, you have to be aware that there is a lot of idiots who will do everything to stop you... So, hang in there, and do some calculations.
zilak [ PM ]
13 April 2009 04:17
Dear Malikhan

I think if you people stop blowing up things, and try to get along with other people, governments around the world, will start trusting you guys, and maybe,they will be granting you visas, The Moroccans are not going to grant you a visa,until they make sure that your intentions are good, I am not trying to be mean or rude,but that is the reallity of things right now,everytime you turn the tv on, something is going on with the pakistanis, so please stop blaming Morocco for not granting you a visa,blame those Pakistani lunitics who are terrorizing,the Uk,pakistan,and afganistan...
zilak [ PM ]
13 April 2009 06:00
Mr LeMask

So that what good Muslims,like you do, when they can not debat,they curse. I was just stayting facts.If you know him so well, why you don't go to the Moroccan Embassy and vouche for him. I bet you they will listen to you, and when your in there tell them what you said earlier, and I am quoting" we are Not in Muslim country...Muslims are minority in with it".Moroccans will really love you.which kind of islam your are following Mrle Mask,I maybe a "nationalist caveman", But I am not a MONAFFIG, like yourself.While you claim to be a good Muslim,you curse and disrespect other people, and KATKAFFOR BLADEK.DABA MGHRBA KOOLHEM kAFFIRIN MIN GHAIR MR LE MASSK and his minority. I never said that Mr malikhan is responsible for anything,but what I said,and Tidili63 agreed with me,that Moroccans will make sure that the man is not a trouble maker,and is not a caveman like you crulling from a cave from afganistan, wanting to convert everybody to his twisted form of Islam. I already don't like you Mr Le Mask, not because you called me a moron,but because you said Morocco is not a Muslim country.
zilak [ PM ]
13 April 2009 07:10
Le Mask
There you go again,start cursing me,I want you to get so mad at me,and blow a blood vessel in your head, and have a stroke, that how much I care about you muslim fundamentalist bastard. I really did hit a nerve.the only ass you be kicking, is your mama's ass.what about that
kalashahkaku [ PM ]
13 April 2009 20:02
Enough Discussion Everyone !!!!

Thanks for every suggesting me about the procedures involved to apply for Moroccan VISA. I infact had got this VISA month ago.

I have learned that the VISA process which I was following was not correct. I had 1 or 2 documents missing in both of my applications. So it is natural for the Embassy to not to pursue with the application. As other people suggested in this thread and if you google about the Moroccon consulate, people remember consulate people as "Lazy people". They either don't follow-up the applications or loose them.

Finally when I applied through VISA agent, I got VISA in 2 weeks. I have noticed most of the people corrected me. Thanks for that.

One or two people like ZELAK criticized me. My message to people like ZELAK.

"I am am proud to be Pakistani and proud to be fundamentalist nation". Stop us if you have gutts !!!

Don't mind if you say us Terrorist, Suicide bomber etc etc etc. It is your frustation coming out here because you have no control of the situation. Such a looser and a RACIST person ... hehehe

Take care baby.

I hope you will have very good sleep and don't forget to dail 999 in a case of heart

Considering you are mentally ill, I forgive you. This is my character.
moderateur [ PM ]
14 April 2009 05:08

According to the forum charter, insult are not allowed in our plateform. We have erased messages that do not respect the charter and blamed the author.

Please do not hesitate to report any messages that do not respect the forum charter.

Marocainement vôtre

Le modérateur
mishmash [ PM ]
28 April 2009 21:51
salam there

am a Moroccan girl married to a pakistani guy British national.i just want you to be careful going

through the procedures of the marriage contract papers .they take a while as you need to be patient

with everything you do .Hamdullah am happy with my marriage so wish you the best of luck.if you need

any infor you let me know

penpal20001 [ PM ]
20 May 2009 00:46
salam brother
i am also a pakistani and in the same situation as you and man i am very worried by seeing your application things man, if you can plz come in touch and tell me also what you need to do to get the visa it will be of great help, and it is nice to see your comments. and best of luck for your wedding man, hopefully i am also planning to go to morocco for my love

will be waiting to hear from you
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