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walls of shame
7 April 2009 10:49

they take the land then without feeling any shame they build walls , NO , i am not talking about palestine , it s happening in Morocco
when the land theives the colonials spanish will hand those moroccans towns back where they belong historically and geographically ?
there are a lot of talks about the Sahara but rarely we hear any news about cebta and mlilia

why moroccans dont talk much about these Morocan towns ?hardly any compaigns or media interest, many moroccans volunteer to go fight and free other lands while our front door is colonised Perplexe
7 April 2009 22:32
You gotta visit these areas of Cebta/melilla to understand that.. people there are having their life from being near cebta/melilla they would never agree for such thing unless the Govt has another economical choice/solution for theose people.. and not only them their business almost affect the north of Morocco meknes/fes/oujda etc..
8 April 2009 00:23
thanks Morrow for your comment , if i understood your opinion you think it s better to accept the colonistaion of the spanish than trying to kick them out , moroccans are better off colonised ?

i don t agree with you mate , colonisation is still colonisation and no one with a dignity and pride would prefer to be ruled and controled by an outsider specially if this outsider is using dirty tricks to keep the sahara file unsolved to keep morocco busy with the south and forget the north
Moroccan economy will benefit more if those two towns are freed from the spanish ruling, how many times lorries of moroccans agriculture got distroyed and vandalised by soanish farmers it s a scene which repeated every year, if these two towns are freed it will be a new routes for moroccans export without the intimidation of the spanish holigans
i did read an article before that some moroccans living there prefer the spanish they even trying to get the spanish passports and compaigning against morocco

morocco is one body and cebta and mlilia are part of the body we can t take an arm or a leg from it
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