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A voice in the wilderness ?
4 October 2006 22:31
Hi everyone,

To those of you in the US, I've been following the editorials from Keith Olbermann on MSNBC, it's refreshing to hear such schutzpah on a network given the fact that all major networks have been supine since the idiot took the White House. How much of an impact does Olbermann really have ? How come he hasn't been canned like Phil Donahue was ? Here's a recent broadcast from him :

5 October 2006 07:05
Hi chelhman;

K.O is pure and one of the last true to the profession of journalism/ news reporting. He's in charge of his own show that goes head to head with the biggest of idiots, Bill O'Reilly! Bear in mind that Kieth after his covering sports for, ESPN, later joined Fox, which he left because of some bickering with O'reilly and management!...He comes to MSNBC with a chip on his shoulder but he's done great things with his opening statement " What stories will be you be talking about tomorrow"...He writes his own stuff and has a very distinguished style of presenting serious news infused with rye-black humor. He's critical of the White house to a fault but again he's going against O'reilly who's an idiot to a ???
I watch his show, the countdown, and enjoy his eloquence and sense of humor!
Good to finally contribute! The Yabi server was down/busy for a while now!

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